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Acer shirasawanum Palmatifolium Snakebark Maples
Japanese Maple Introduction
Acer palmatum
Acer palmatum dissectum
Cornus Introduction
Cornus florida
Cornus kousa
Cornus nuttallii
Cornus x rutgersensis
Daphne collina  Daphne Magnolia

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The asterisks (*......*) below indicate the genus of which we have significant collections - our specialities. 
Names in black indicate genera that we have in our collection, but may not currently available.

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This is in a pdf format which you should be able to easily print off if required.
It is solely a list of names of the plants that were available at the start of the current planting season. 
The intention is that it can easily printed off, to be used in conjunction with the descriptions contained within the pages indexed below.


*Acer,* Agapanthus, Agave, Arbutus,  


Bamboo, *Betula,* Buxus

C Callicarpa, Calycanthus, Carpinus, Cercidiphyllum, Cercis chinensis, Chimonanthus, Clerodendron, Clethra, *Cornus,* Corylopsis, Cunninghamia, Cyclamen
D Dactylorhiza, Daphne, Dasylirion, Davidia, Disanthus
E Eucryphia, *Euonymus,* Exochorda
F Fothergilla
G Garrya, Grevillea
H Halesia, Hamamelis, Heptacodium, Hoheria
I Ilex 
L Ligustrum, *Liquidambar,* Lonicera, Luma
M *Magnolia*  
O Oemleria, Osmanthus
P Paeonia, *Parrotia,* Phyllostachys, Podophyllum, Pterostyrax
R Ruscus
S *Sarcococca,* Semiarundinaria, Sequioadendron, Stachyurus, Staphylea, Stewartia, Styrax, Sycoparrotia,  
Z Zelkova