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A further offering from my son Torsten. (see also his Agave)

 I will hand you over to him now to give you the all-important details.

All the plants offered on this page are native of south western USA and northern Mexico and are reputedly winter hardy in western Europe. However please note that we cannot give any guarantee that these will indeed prove winter hardy in your local climate/microclimate!

These have been raised from seed and natural selection during the last couple winters has ensured that these plants give you the best chance at growing them outside in a favoured spot with good drainage. These have flourished with minimal winter protection, despite ambient temperatures dropping to at least -17C. All these species can potentially be successfully grown outside if in a very well-drained, preferably stony soil (this can be aided with overhead protection from winter rains if necessary), particularly in areas of the country typically receiving a lower winter rainfall.

The cultivation of these plants outside in temperate climates is still in a more or less experimental phase, especially due to the rarity of many of these species in cultivation. Thus, if you would like to be on the safe side, all of these will grow very happily in pots which can be left outside in summer and moved indoors (into a porch/conservatory/glasshouse or similar) when harsh weather is due. As with borderline hardy plants from many genera, the key to success is often good drainage as opposed to the common misconception of temperature being the defining factor.

See also Agave.

Dasylirion cedrosanum
A robust species from northern Mexico that eventually forms a short, stocky trunk, topped by a large rosette with a spectacular fountain of countless, narrow stiff leaves edged with many recurved spines. An elegant and architectural feature plant! Has the potential to eventually reach 2m.

The plants available are in 5L pots.

Dasylirion glaucophyllum
This Sotol from Hidalgo, Mexico forms a short, robust trunk, topped by a crown of countless, narrow leaves with many marginal spines, a very graceful plant potentially reaching 2m in height eventually.

The plants available are in 5L pots.
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