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DAVIDIA involucrata
Known variously as "Pocket-handkerchief tree", "Dove tree" or Ghost tree", this Chinese tree introduced by the venerable Wilson in 1904 (following discovery by Père David in 1869) is a true classic. A monotypic genus resembling Tilia, these deciduous trees are noted for their handkerchief like flowers. In fact, these apparent petals are a pair of large but not necessarily equal bracts which attend the globular head (up to 2.5cm across) of true, tiny flowers. 

DIANELLA caerulea

DIPELTA floribunda 
This beautiful and scarce plant makes a large, upright shrub to 3m. The flowers in May are quite gorgeous, being pink with a yellow flushed throat. It's fragrant too. Equally happy in sun or shade. Surprisingly easy to grow in any soil.

DIPELTA ventricosa
The flower of this one are slightly different. They are more lilac rose in colour and have a curiously swollen base.

DIPELTA yunnanensis   
This rarely found species is similar in habit to it's cousins, only this time, the flowers are predominantly cream coloured with orange markings.


ELAEAGNUS 'Quicksilver'
Intoxicating scent fills the air in June from inconspicuous creamy-yellow flowers. A large suckering shrub or small tree with lovely long thin silver-grey leaves. Easy to grow in full sun even on poor soil. It is also very tolerant of exposure to salt laden winds.


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