last updated 26/10/2014


We are developing (with grateful thanks to Chris Lane with his National Collection) an irresistible collection of these exquisite winter-flowering shrubs. Their fragrance is legendary, with their beauty at such a dull time of year almost unrivalled. Contrary to popular opinion, these fantastic plants do not require acid soil, although of course they will be perfectly happy in such. Their true requirement is for a good friable soil which is adequately free-draining in winter and moisture retentive in summer. Thus they are rewardingly tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions and light levels.

We have a range of species and colours (from yellows through oranges to reds), though as yet available in extremely limited quantities. Therefore please do not be afraid to ask. There will also be a handful of larger plants for instant gratification.

Just now we are working on developing our collection whilst we allow our new stock plants to build vigour.  However, there will be a range of colours available in a range of sizes, so if in doubt, please do ask.

Cultivars of Hamamelis x intermedia

‘Advent’ ‘Angelly’ ‘Aphrodite’ ‘Arnold Promise’ ‘Aurora’
‘Barmstedt Gold’ 'Bernstein' 'Brevipetala'  ‘Carmine Red’ ‘Danny’
‘Diane’ 'Dishi' ‘Doerak’ 'Fireblaze' ‘Frederic’
‘Gingerbread’  ‘Glowing Embers’ ‘Harry’ 'Heinrich Bruns' ‘Jelena’
‘Limelight’ ‘Livia’ ‘Moonlight’ 'Ninotchka' ‘Orange Peel’
'Ostergold' ‘Pallida’ ‘Primavera’ ‘Ripe Corn’ ‘Robert’
‘Rochester’ ‘Rubin’ ‘Rubinstar’ ‘Savil Starlight’ 'Spanish Spider'
‘Strawberries and Cream’ 'Sunburst' 'Twilight' ‘Vesna’ ‘Westerstede’
‘Wiero’ ‘Zitronjette’

Cultivars of Hamamelis mollis

Golden yellow Sulphur yellow, tinted red at the base Golden yellow
'Boskoop' ‘Combe Wood’ 'Imperialis' 'Iwado' 'Kort's Yellow'
‘Wisley Supreme’ ‘Jermyns Gold’

Cultivars of Hamamelis virginiana

‘Mohonk Red’

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