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There is so much interest and excitement surrounding this genus at present that they need little introduction. However, the plants we used to know and love as Helleborus orientalis in its many forms, have been renamed H. hybridus. So much has been written of late, that there is little for me to add, save to remind you what a wonderful display of colour they give in February to really herald the onset of spring. With so much breeding and selection being carried out, it is no longer necessary (never mind desirable) to produce merely "mediocre" plants. The gene pool is sufficiently extensive to be able to create something quite remarkable.

We have lots of these very special Hellebores planted out now, so come and see them in the spring and admire their diversity. It may help you to decide which colour breaks you prefer. Give me an idea of the sort of colour range you particularly like to help me pick out the plant of your dreams!

HELLEBORUS x ericsmithii
(H. niger x H. sternii) This hardy hybrid is extremely beautiful with its evergreen, glaucous foliage that is occasionally marbled. The large flowers are held in clusters, opening ivory-white flushed pinkish bronze which deepens with age. Best in a sunny, well drained position.

HELLEBORUS x hybridus (ex Ashwood hybrids) 
These are assorted seedlings in shades of purple, pink and white, some with basal markings and picotee edges. Please note that the term "seedling" refers to their propagation method and does not imply that they are tiny! Out of flowering season, it will be "pot luck" - when in flower, you may choose your favourite.

HELLEBORUS x hybridus Anemone Centred 
The anemone-centre is caused by a development of the central petals giving this delightful ruffled appearance. Choose from a range of whites, and pinks both dark and pale.

HELLEBORUS x hybridus Bicolour 
Wonderful flowers, having a creamy background with a pinky purple basal blotch which shades up through the veins to encircle the petals. 

HELLEBORUS x hybridus Cream 
Cream flowers, some with the purple markings at the throat of the guttatus subspecies.

HELLEBORUS x hybridus Maroon 
A superb form with deep purple velvet like flowers with conspicuous yellow stamens.

HELLEBORUS x hybridus Pink
Selected seedlings with pink flowers, some with speckles.

HELLEBORUS x hybridus Smokey Purple    
A lovely rich smoky purple! The best of these have a distinctive purple flush to the deeply cut foliage. They can be noticeably less vigorous than the more normal forms.

HELLEBORUS x hybridus Yellow  
Close to yellow - more primrose to be honest.

HELLEBORUS niger 'Potters Wheel' 
The foliage is a deep glossy green and the white flowers are large. H. niger is always popular as the Christmas Rose. These are a seed strain which is considered to come true. Try Helleborus 'White Magic' as well!

HELLEBORUS x sternii 'Blackthorn'
The best for foliage with beautiful glaucous marbled leaves and purple stems. The green- pink flowers have prominent stamens. A more compact form for a sunny site.

HELLEBORUS 'White Magic' 
(H. niger x H. orientalis) This hybrid resembles H. niger in leaf shape, but has the better constitution of H. orientalis. The huge white flowers are pure white with prominent yellow stamens, and deepen to dark pink as they mature. In order to be true to name, this hybrid has to be divided which accounts for the higher price, but it is a truly magnificent form and very floriferous.

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