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The pretty heart shaped leaves develop fantastic autumn colour, combined with a unique sweet smell like burnt sugar - a real feast for all the senses! In this country expect an upright growing tree to about 10m in time. It can be left to its own devices, in which case it will typically develop a multi-stemmed habit. Alternatively the lowest branches can be progressively removed so that it becomes more traditionally "tree-like" in appearance. If you have a preference for the effect you want to achieve, then do discuss it with me at the time of ordering, and I will personally select an appropriately shaped specimen for you accordingly.

 Even if you have a smaller garden, it is still possible to enjoy this wonderful species by virtue of the trio of compact forms that we offer. We try to offer them on their own roots so that they can develop their true characteristics rather than being potentially influenced by a more vigorous rootstock. Of course this is particularly relevant to these more compact selections. All will give us the popular autumn leaf colours and aromas regardless of their shape, size and habit.

CERCIDIPHYLLUM japonicum 'Boyd's Dwarf'
This is probably the smallest grower in our collection, with tiny leaves to match.

CERCIDIPHYLLUM japonicum 'Heronswood Globe' 
This American selection makes a rounded dumpy shrub rather than a large tree. A real talking point in any size garden. 

CERCIDIPHYLLUM japonicum 'Kreukenberg Dwarf'
A recent selection of compact but more typically upright habit. Slightly larger leaves.
See it in our Quarry Garden.

CERCIDIPHYLLUM japonicum 'Raspberry'
This Dutch selection exhibits deeper raspberry pink autumn colour (dependant on light levels and growing conditions).

CERCIDIPHYLLUM japonicum 'Rotfuchs' 
This is one of my favourites. The young growth is a deep plum purple which is retained well through the summer if in good light. It is much less vigorous than the species, with much thinner stems, typically developing an upright, shrubby habit.

CERCIDIPHYLLUM japonicum 'Ruby'
This was our own selection made some years ago now when it stood out for us in a batch of seedlings. Although it is typical of the species for the young leaves to be flushed with copper as they unfurl, this one was a much richer ruby colour at that stage. 

CERCIDIPHYLLUM japonicum 'Strawberry'
Selected in partnership with 'Raspberry', this autumn colours of this one are typically lighter, being shades of strawberry pink, with more yellows and oranges too.

CERCIDIPHYLLUM magnificum 'Pendulum' 
A beautiful and graceful, rare form with long pendulous branches and larger leaves.

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