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FOTHERGILLA gardenii 'Blue Mist' 
The leaves are an incredible shade of blue with same white flowers and lovely autumn colour as F. gardenii. Light shade or sun in moisture retentive soil. I must warn you that this plant is difficult to grow - it has a particular dislike of wet roots in the winter, but equally it does not care to dry out in the summer. 
Not exactly "NEW" I know, but it is quite a long time since we last had any of this pretty thing to offer. And they've made particularly nice plants this year despite the difficult weather.

NEW FOTHERGILLA gardenii 'Suzanne'

NEW FOTHERGILLA x intermedia 'Beaver Creek' 

FOTHERGILLA x intermedia 'Blue Shadow'
A fantastic new introduction from Gary Handy in the USA. Honey-scented, bottlebrush-shaped white flowers are borne in profusion in spring, whilst the foliage is a gorgeous grey-blue through summer before turning dramatically red in autumn. Similar in principle to the better known 'Blue Mist' but a more vigorous plant of stronger constitution. It has the potential to reach 5' tall by almost as wide where conditions suit. As with all Fothergilla, the soil needs to be of good structure and well drained to provide adequate moisture in summer without being too wet in winter. Acid soil is perfect though the structure is more important than the precise pH. 

FOTHERGILLA x intermedia 'Mount Airy'   
This delightful American cultivar was selected for many reasons. It exhibits good hardiness, reliably spectacular autumn colour, abundant displays of white bottle brush like flowers in April and attractive summer foliage. In short, it's just a jolly good plant!

NEW FOTHERGILLA x intermedia 'Red Licorice'
What a wonderful selection - with rich orange-red autumn colour. Heavily textured leaves show good resilience to less than ideal growing conditions, so an excellent garden plant. The photo left shows how the autumn colour starts around the margin and gradually seeps into the leaf. An incredible display.

FOTHERGILLA x intermedia 'Seaspray'
This pretty plant has foliage that is more blue-green in colour than most selections. Still with the expected fabulous autumn colour. 1.5m

FOTHERGILLA x intermedia 'Windy City'
This recent introduction from the American mid-west shows particular cold-hardiness (defined as hardiness zone 4) whilst maintaining the typical features of highly scented white flowers in spring and wonderful red autumn colours.

NEW FOTHERGILLA major 'Bulkyard'

NEW FOTHERGILLA major 'Huntsman'

FOTHERGILLA major Monticola group
Nomenclature confusion abounds in this tiny genus, with this species being reduced to group status. The leaves are smaller than those of F. major but to me always appear thicker. They are more closely akin to F. gardenii which is smaller again. Typical white flowers in April and stunning autumn colour.

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