This page is going to work a little differently to the Acer index. It is complicated by the presence of a mixture of cultivars complete with specific epithets as well as hybrids with no preceding designation. I was tempted to list it alphabetically by cultivar only, including the specific epithet only in the description, but the purist in me rebelled at that. Thus, where the species needs to be mentioned, that is the aspect of the name which is sorted alphabetically, with the hybrids in their place above and below it appropriately. 

Of course the problem then comes if you know the cultivar name you want to look up, but don't know which species it should be attributed to! Oh dear, sounds like I need another page to deal with that...but I fear that will have to wait or I will never get this uploaded!

The green links below take you to the first entry on a page. The principle is that it should make it quicker to find the plant that you are looking for in the larger genera where we have plants of a great many species. It is entirely possible that there will be entries below which do not appear in the catalogue pages once you get there. That may be an oversight, or it may be that the plant is not yet in production. Do feel free to check with me.

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A acuminata  'Kinju'   'Koban Dori'
'Alex'  'Amber'  'Ambrosia'  'Anilou'  'Angelica'  'Anilou'  'Anna'  'Anne Leitner'  'Anticipation'  'Apollo'  'Archangel'  'Asian Artistry'  'Athene'  'Atlas'  'Aurora'

B 'Big Dude'  'Blue Opal'  'Blushing Belle'  'Brenda'  
x brooklynensis  'Black Beauty'  'Hattie Carthan'  'Woodsman'
'Brett'  'Butterbowl'

C 'Caerhays Belle'  'Caerhays Surprise'  
campbellii  'Betty Jessel'   'Darjeeling'   'Piet van Veen'  'Sir Harold Hillier'  'Vairano'
'Candy Cane'  'Carlos'  'Chameleon'  'Charles Coates'  'Charming Lady'  'China Town'  'Columbus'  'Coral Lake'  'Crystal Chalice'  'Cup Cake'  'Curly Locks'  
cylindrica  'Bjuv'

D    'Daphne'  'Darrell Dean'  'David Clulow'
dawsoniana  'Barbara Cook'
'Daybreak'  'Deborah' 
denudata  'Double Diamond'  'Gere'  'Ghost Ship'

E 'Early Rose'  'Elegance'  'Elisa Oldenwald'  'Elizabeth'  'Emma Cook'  'Eskimo' 

F 'Felicity'  'Fireglow'  'Flaming Heart'  'Flamingo'  'Fragrant Cloud'  'Frank Gladney'  'Frank's Masterpiece'

G 'Galaxy'   'Gladys Carlson'   'Gold Crown'  'Gold Star'  'Golden Endeavour'  'Golden Gala'  
'Golden Gift'  'Golden Joy'  'Golden Pond'  'Golden Rain'  'Golden Sun'  'Goldfinch'
grandiflora 'Blanchard'  'Charles Dickens'  'Ferruginea'  'Harold Poole'  'Kay Paris'  'Little Gem'  'Main Street'  'Monlia'  'Overton'  ' Russet'  ' Samuel Sommer'  ' St Mary'  ' Symmes Select'  ' Treyvei'  
'Green Bee'


'Helen Fogg'  'Honey Flower'  'Hot Flash'  'Hot Lips'  


'Ian's Red'  'Insubria'  'Iolanthe'


'Jane'  'Jersey Belle'  'Joe McDaniel'  'John Bond'  'John Congreve'  'Joli Pompom'  'Jolly Roger'  'Joris'  'Judy Zuk'

K kobus  'Esveld Select'  'Janaki Ammal'  'Morris Fragrant'  'Norman Gould'  'Octopus'  pink form  'Rogov'  'White Elegance'  'Wisley Star'

L 'Laura Saylor'  'Leda'  'Legacy'  'Lemon Star'  'Lennarth Jonsson'
liliiflora  'Darkest Purple'
x loebneri  'Donna'  'Encore'  'Green Mist'  'Leonard Messel'  'Lesley Jane'  'Lucy Carlson'  'Merrill'  
'Neil McEacharn'  'Pink Cloud'  'Pirouette'  'Powder Puff'  'Raspberry Fun'  'Snowdrift'  'Star Bright'  
'White Stardurst'  'Wildcat'  'Willowwood'
'Lois'  'Lotus'

M macrophylla ashei x virginiana
'Malin'  'Manchu Fan'  'Margaret Helen'  'Marjory Gossler'  'Mary Nell'  'Maryland'  
'Maxine Merrill'  'Maryland'  'May to Frost'  'Milky Way'  'Mister Yellowjacket'  'Moondance'

N 'Nimbus'

'Old Port'  'Olivia'  'Orchid'

P 'Patty'  'Peaches 'n' Cream'  'Peachy'  'Pegasus'  'Peter Smithers'  'Phelan Bright'  'Phil's Masterpiece'  'Piet van Veen'  'Pink Beauty'  'Pink Delight'  'Pink Goblet'  'Pink Surprise'  'Pinkie'  'Porcelain Dove'  'Premier Cru'  'Princess Margaret'  '
x procteriana  'Slavins #44'
'Purple Breeze'  'Purple Globe'  'Purple Sensation'

R 'Red as Red'  'Red Baron'  'Red Lion'  'Red Lucky'  'Renate'  'Ricki'  'Robert's Dream'  'Roseanne'  'Royal Purple'  'Ruby'

S salicifolia  'Concolor'  'Iufer'  'Jermyns'  'Louisa Fête'  'Rosea'  'Sandy Carlson'  'van Veen'  'Windsor Beauty'
sargentiana  'Blood Moon'  'Broadleas'
'Sarah Koe'  'Satisfaction'  'Sayonara'  'Sentinel'  'Serene'  'Shiraz'
sieboldii 'Colossus'  'Genesis'  'Genesis' x tripetala  'Genesis' x virginiana  'Michiko Renge'  'Ming Pong Gal'  'Pride of Norway'  subsp. sinensis 'Grandiflora'
x soulangeana
'Snow Goose'  'Snow Queen'  'Solar Flair'  'Sonia Dobner'  'Spectrum'
sprengeri  'Copeland Court'  'Dark Diva'  'Dusty Pink'  'Eric Savill'  'Lanhydrock'  'Marwood Spring'  'Top Drawer'
'Spring Rite'  'Star Wars'  'Stellar Aclaim'  'String of Pearls'
stellata  'Alixeed'  'Centennial'  'Chrysanthemumiflora'  'Dawn'  'Dr Massey'  'Jane Platt'  'Keiskei'  'Kikuzaki'  'King Rose'  'Rosea'  'Royal Star'  'Scented Silver'  'Shi Banchi Rosea'  'Water Lily'
'Summer Solstice'  'Sunburst'  'Sundance'  'Sunray'  'Sunsation'  'Sunspire'  'Suntown'  
'Susannah van Veen'  'Swedish Star'  'Sweetheart'  'Sweet Merlot'  'Sweet Valentine'  'Sybille'


'Thousand Butterflies'  'Todd Gresham'  'Tranquility'
tripetala  'Bloomfield'


virginiana  'Henry Hicks'  'Moonglow'  'Pink Halo'  var. australis 'Satellite' 


'Wada's Memory'  'Wedding Vows'  'White Chalice'  'White Mystery'  
x wieseneri 'Aashild Kalleberg'  'Hillier form'   'Swede Made'


'Yellow Bird'  'Yellow Bird' x 'Patriot'  'Yellow Fever'  'Yellow Garland'  'Yellow Lantern'  'Yellow River'  'Yellow Sea'


zenii 'Pink Parchment'

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