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MAGNOLIA 'Red Baron'
(M. acuminata x M. ‘Big Dude’)

(M .liliiflora x M. campbellii) A sister seedling of M. 'Star Wars', this exciting Blumhardt selection is a darker red.

A Chinese hybrid, correctly called M. 'Hong Yun'. This is a M. soulangeana type, with predominantly white flowers attractively striped with reddish pink up the outside of each petal. Interestingly, it often produces a second light flush of flowers in late summer.

(M. liliiflora ‘ Nigra’ x M. stellata) One of the excellent Kosar hybrids known affectionately as “the little girls” it flowers late in the spring thus avoiding the worst of the frosts. The relatively small flowers are slender and erect, being dark red-purple in bud before opening to reveal a white interior. It inherits the more compact, shrubbier habit from M. stellata. An excellent choice for more challenging sites.

MAGNOLIA 'Robert's Dream'
(M. stellata x M. salicifolia) An exquisite hybrid named after the late Robert de Belder of Arboretum Kalmthout. The soft pink flowers age to white; the petals are broader than those of M. stellata, but still retain some of their soft floppiness. Of upright habit, the pale green leaves have an attractive copper blush when young. Although usually seen written simply as M. 'Robert's Dream', I believe that this should be listed as a cultivar of M. x proctoriana, because the parents are the same, albeit “the other way round”. 

MAGNOLIA 'Roseanne'
(M. liliiflora ‘O’Neill’ x M. kobus ‘Norman Gould’) This tetraploid hybrid from Dennis Ledvina boasts six or seven tepals which are rich lavender pink on the outside and a lighter pink on the inside. The broad tepals are almost scoop-like and retain their upright form. A real beauty.

Not to be confused with the shrubby M. 'Pickards Ruby', this hybrid is derived from M. soulangeana 'Picture' and produces impressively large rich ruby red goblets from an early age. It is quite distinctive due to the pure white interior and fine white picotee edging to the heavy textured sepals. This is proving to be a popular gift to those lucky people celebrating their Ruby Wedding Anniversary!

MAGNOLIA salicifolia 'Concolor'
It can be refreshing to see these smaller flowers by contrast to the blousy blooms of so many magnolias. However, this cultivar has larger flowers than its brethren, with broader petals. Usefully, it also flowers several weeks later than the other M. x salicifolia selections, thus avoiding the worst of the frosts. I particularly like the purple colouration of the young growth, which is held for several weeks. In contrast to the rash of new selections, this one was introduced from Japan in the late 19th century.

MAGNOLIA salicifolia 'Iufer'
I am most taken with M. salicifolia and it's cultivars. I like the smaller leaves (and it has to be said, flowers) because they make a fine contrast with their larger cousins. They also have a distinct citric fragrance to the foliage when crushed as well as the flowers. They're well behaved too. Delightful in every way.

MAGNOLIA salicifolia 'Jermyns'
The broader leaves of this superior clone are conspicuously glaucous beneath. The flowers are larger than is typical for the species, and they appear later in the spring., making it a showy and desirable plant. The growth habit is rather shrubby and it is slow growing.

MAGNOLIA salicifolia 'Louisa Fête'

MAGNOLIA salicifolia 'Rosea'
This selection has delightful pink striped flowers.

MAGNOLIA salicifolia 'van Veen'
I love these smaller blooms and this one does not disappoint. The white flowers are deliciously fragrant.

NEW MAGNOLIA salicifolia 'Wada's Memory'
There is confusion as to the correct classification of this one. A hybrid involving M. x kewensis, it should probably simply be M. 'Wada's Memory'. Whatever the case I love the grace of this broad headed tree which produces masses of large white flowers in April. The petals are rather strap like, though not as much so as in M. stellata. It also has a wonderful fragrance.

MAGNOLIA salicifolia 'Windsor Beauty'


Coming soon...

MAGNOLIA sargentiana 'Broadleas'

MAGNOLIA 'Satisfaction'
Originally imported to Europe as recently as 2002, this selection of unknown origin is proving to be a real winner. The flowers are red outside and rose-white inside. Of very compact, almost shrubby growth habit, it is very floriferous.

MAGNOLIA 'Sayonara' 
(M. liliiflora x M. x veitchii) A robust Gresham hybrid with large white globular flowers having the faintest hint of purple at the base. Bushy upright habit. Height 4m.

MAGNOLIA 'Serene' 
(M. liliiflora x M. 'Mark Jury') This is the latest flwoering Jury hybrid, producing large pink rose bowl-shaped flowers, being darkest on the outside and shading delicately paler into their centre. Like most of Felix Jury’s hybrids, it is very free-flowering from a young age. It is strong growing, developing an upright, pyramidal shape to 5-6m.

MAGNOLIA 'Shiraz'    
(M. denudata x M. 'Vulcan') The name conjures up images of the colour of this new selection! And indeed, it does have large rich burgundy red tulip shaped blooms which open out flat when mature to really show off that wonderful intense colour. 6M

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