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last updated 30/10/2014

MAGNOLIA 'Summer Solstice' 
This hybrid between a pink flowered form of M. globosa and M. hypoleuca from the garden of eminent magnolia man Maurice Foster is highly rated. The lovely pinky white flowers are produced late enough to avoid most frosts. Potentially a large tree.

MAGNOLIA 'Sunburst'
(M. 'Woodsman' x M. 'Gold Star')  flowers. Narrow buds open into upright, narrow, very deep canary yellow flowers as much as 13cm tall. The beautiful foliage is heavy textured and quilted, with wavy margins. A vigorous tree of upright habit to 10m.

(M. acuminata x M. denudata) Large yellow flowers (20cm across) produced in late April - early May escape most of the frosts. A vigorous, hardy form.

(M. acuminata x M. denudata

MAGNOLIA 'Sunsation'
(M. x brooklynensis ‘Woodsman’ x M. ‘Elizabeth’) Undoubtedly one of the best yellow magnolias to date, this August Kehr selection flowers very late in the season, producing an abundance of very deep yellow flowers, highlighted by a conspicuous blob of pink floating in the centre of each one. Vigorous and, unusually, somewhat spreading in habit.

NEW MAGNOLIA 'Sunset Swirl'

MAGNOLIA 'Sunspire'
(M. x brooklynensis 'Woodsman' x M. 'Elizabeth')

MAGNOLIA 'Suntown'
(M. acuminata x [M. acuminata ‘Fertile Myrtle’ x M. x soulangeana ‘Picture’]) Intense yellow flowers.


MAGNOLIA 'Susannah van Veen'
Thought to be a hybrid between M. sargentiana and M. sprengeri ‘Diva’, it is easiest described as being similar to ‘Caerhays Belle’, only darker. Thus, the large flowers are a brilliant rose-red and lack purple shading. Eisenhut notes that it has large furry decorative buds in wintertime, but I should add that is not unique to this cultivar.

MAGNOLIA 'Swedish Star'
see M. 'Lemon Star'

MAGNOLIA 'Sweetheart'
(M. sprengeri ‘Diva’ x M. sargentiana var. robusta) The broadly petalled flowers are a deep rich pink, outside and a pale pink inside.

MAGNOLIA 'Sweet Merlot'
(M. ‘Sweet Simplicity’ x M. ‘Black Tulip’) A recent hybrid producing rich red flowers; although not large by the standards of some magnolias, they are freely produced, a fabulous colour and a very neat and tidy, almost globular, shape. I’m told that this cultivar lasts particularly well as a cut flower.

MAGNOLIA 'Sweet Valentine'
(M. ‘Sweet Simplicity’ x M. ‘Black Tulip’) Wonderful rich burgundy red globular flowers are paler within. Compact habit and smaller stature.

MAGNOLIA 'Thousand Butterflies' 
(M. denudata x M. x veitchii) The lovely, smallish ivory white firm textured flowers suffused with soft rose pink at the base are an upright, tulip shape.  

MAGNOLIA 'Todd Gresham' 
(M. soulangeana 'Rustica Rubra' x M. x veitchii) A fast growing tree with large bowl-shaped fragrant flowers, opening to 10" across. Deep pinky red in colour.

MAGNOLIA 'Todd's Forty Niner'
(M. ‘Rouged Alabaster’ x M. ‘Royal Crown’) This 49th cross from Todd Gresham, made in 1964 between two of his hybrids, was not selected until after his death and was not named until 1986. The flowers have 12 tepals and are dark purple in bud opening lighter. The red-purple outer 4 tepals reflex at maturity, to emphasize the 8 erect inner tepals, the insides of which are translucent white.

MAGNOLIA 'Tranquility'
A hybrid of unknown parentage from M. acuminata, the broad petalled, pale golden flowers are delicately blushed with rose at the base and flatten as they open, to approximately 20cm wide. The foliage is wavy and cupped upward whilst the growth habit is rounded. Expect 5-6m.

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