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STAPHYLEA bumalda 
The three lobed leaves of this spreading shrub (to less than 2m) are typical of the genus, with panicles of white flowers in June. Lovely red colours.

STAPHYLEA holocarpa    
A beautiful species which flowers a little earlier in the year than the previous one. The white flowers in April-May are tinged pink in bud. Equally easy to grow.

NEW STAPHYLEA holocarpa 'Rosea' 
At last! We have finally obtained stock of the exquisite cultivar 'Rosea' (definitely not to be confused with the vastly inferior and highly variable var. rosea). This beautiful large shrub or small spreading tree has trifoliate leaves which are bronze when young. The soft pink flowers of this choice form occur in drooping clusters in April-May.

STAPHYLEA pinnata    
This makes a larger shrub, and has more leaflets to each leaf. Otherwise, the flowers in their drooping panicles in May-June are similar.

STEWARTIA monodelpha

STEWARTIA pseudocamellia 
A small tree from Japan, with attractive cinnamon coloured flaking bark. The huge (5-6cm) cup-shaped white flowers in July have conspicuous yellow stamens. Lovely yellow and red autumn colour. Although deciduous, Stewartia is related to Camellia which is reflected in the flower. They thrive in a woodland type situation. 

NEW STEWARTIA pseudocamellia Koreana

STEWARTIA rostrata
A more recently introduced Chinese species (not  named until 1974, though introduced into the US in 1936!), similar in most respects, but with particularly distinctive "beaked" seed capsules. The bark is slightly greyer in colour.

Another Japanese species, and indeed similar in principle to the better-know S. pseudocamellia, though flowering earlier - in June. Well-proportioned white flowers, attractively stained red from the base on the outside may be as much as 6cm across with prominent bright yellow stamens. The leaves are rather more leathery in texture, lending the tree a more resilient feel. 

Very similar to S. pseudocamellia with lovely white flowers, excellent autumn colour and attractive peeling bark except that it is smaller growing in all its parts.

STYRAX formosana var. formosana

STYRAX japonica 
A beautiful small tree of elegant habit. The bell shaped white flowers hang all along the branches in June. It thrives in similar conditions to Stewartia but is equally happy in sun or light shade. There seems little point in growing the species (which would typically be done from seed) and having to wait a few years for probably inferior flowers. I'd much rather plant a cultivar. I have a number of stock plants building their strength, but for now I'd say that 'Fargesii' is hard to beat.

STYRAX japonica 'Pink Chimes'
Wonderful bell-like clear pink flowers are produced in abundance in June. Beware of cheaper plants grown from seed (usually referred to as Beni bana Group) which may or may not have pink flowers! These are the real thing, imported from Japan where it was originally raised. It is lovely.

STYRAX japonicus 'Carillon'
This delightful cultivar has an elegant weeping habit. It is rather slow growing and can be trained up a cane to gain more height more rapidly if required. The same delightful white bell like flowers hang from the branches in June.

STYRAX japonicus 'Emerald Pagoda'

STYRAX japonicus 'Fargesii'    
A lovely small tree, this form has larger leaves and best of all, larger flowers. These beautiful white bells with bright yellow stamens in the middle are produced in June. It does not need acid soil, but the structure of the soil needs to be good. This has to be one of my very favourite small trees.


STYRAX japonicus 'Purple Dress'


STYRAX japonicus 'Snowfall'

STYRAX officinalis

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