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MAHONIA trifoliolata var. glauca 
Many of you have admired this wonderful plant under our kitchen window, but it's proving to be  a devil to root! The deeply incised 3 lobed leaves are a seemingly impossible shade of blue with almost pink stems. Pale yellow flowers grace us with their presence in early spring. Not as hardy as the woodland growers, so best against a sunny wall in well drained soil.

MYRTUS communis


MYRTUS communis 'Tarentina'

NEVIUSIA alabamensis

OEMLERIA cerasiformis    
Previously known as Osmaronia cerasifomis. A tough shrub which forms thickets of upright stems to a little over 2m. The hanging racemes of fragrant white flowers are produced in February-March, followed by plum like purple fruits. The leaves open very early, but it seems immune to frost damage. A brilliant ornamental, but tough, shrub for the most inhospitable of places.

ONOCLEA sensibilis Copper form
In some ways, this fern is not your typical fern! It's deciduous, but the fronds come up in a thicket of vertical stems rather than all emerging from a single crown. Each one is lighter and more elegant than many ferns, but what really makes it unique is the lovely copper colour. I like this one very much and it makes a wonderful splash of colour in a very green shady area.

OPHIOPOGON intermedius
I found a wonderful quote on the internet: "more simple ... more beautiful ... (often more ignored by us !!!)"  which so beautifully sums up a plant like this. Imagine evergreen, essentially grass-like foliage interspersed with delicate stems of white flowers reminiscent of lily of the valley through mid to late summer. A truly delightful little plant with a multitude of uses; planted en masse for maintenance-free ground-cover, a woodland carpeter, on an alpine or scree bed, front of border or even in a pot! Endless options, in part-sun to full-shade.

OSMANTHUS x burkwoodii
Very much a classic shrub, but still very much worth having for the fragrance of the beautiful but dainty white flowers in March-April. Evergreen too, so a really useful plant, though it's a shame it's quite so slow to get going. 

OSMANTHUS delavayi 
Masses of highly scented small white flowers on this wonderful evergreen are produced in April. Small leaved, slow grower which eventually makes a rounded dense shrub of 2m.

OSMANTHUS delavayi 'Latifolius'
I discovered this selection almost by chance, but it has become one of my firm favourites. I love the contrast of the pure white flowers against the rich, dark green leaves. And the beauty of this one is that it is more vigorous than the species, with slightly larger leaves, and bigger flowers. Still the same intoxicating scent though. Fabulous.

PACHYSANDRA terminalis 'Variegata' 
A suckering sub shrub which makes excellent ground cover with attractive leaves margined creamy white. It is shade tolerant and will exist in the most appalling conditions, but will do better in better conditions!


NEW PAEONIA mlokosewitchii

PAEONIA tenuifolium
Something of a departure from our normal range, but I adore this small herbaceous peony. One of the hardiest of the species peonies, which grows wild in the dry grasslands of Eastern Europe, the new growth can be seen from mid March with the flowers following shortly after. These are bright red and single, dainty and under-stated, but it is the foliage that often catches people’s attention; being finely cut and fern-like. Easily grown in well-drained soil (remember not to plant it too deep). These are multi-noded plants in 2 litre pots. Just shooting as I write, they should even flower this year.

NEW PAEONIA veitchii var. woodwardii

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