The links below take you to the appropriate species or cultivar (or the first cultivar of that species).

The principle is that it should make it quicker to find the plant that you are looking for in the larger genera where we have plants of a great many species.

If the species is in black, then there is currently no catalogue entry. This usually means that it is a plant in our collection that is nor yet in production, but this may simply be an oversight or a temporary reflection on availability, so do e-mail me to find out the situation.

General Information
B. albosinensis 'Bowling Green'  'China Ruby'  'Chinese Garden'  'Fascination'  'Kenneth Ashburner'  'Ness'  
'Pink Champagne'  'Kansu'  'Purdom'  
B. 'Conyngham'
B. costata
B. dahurica 'Maurice Foster'  'Stone Farm'
B. ermanii 'Blush'  'Fincham Cream'  'Forrest Blush'  'Grayswood Hill'  'Hakkoda Orange'  
'Mount Apoi'  'Mount Zao'  'Pendula'  
B. 'Fetisowii'
B. globispica
B. 'Hergest'
B. luminifera
B. medwedewii 'Gold Bark'
B. middendorfii
B. nigra 'Heritage'  'Little King'  'Peter Collinson'
B. papyrifera var. cordifolia 'Clarenville'  'St. George'  'Vancouver'
B. pendula 'Bangor'  'Dark Prince'  'Silver Grace'  'Tristulis' 
B. 'Polar Bear'
B. 'Royal Frost'
B. szechuanica 'Liuba White'
B. utilis 'Wakehurst Place Chocolate'
B. utilis var. jacquemontii 'Doorenbos'  'Fastigiate'  'Grayswood Ghost'  'Inverleith'  'Jermyns'  'Moonbeam'  
'Silver Shadow'  'Snow Queen'  'Trinity College'
B. utilis var. occidentalis 'Kyelang'

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