The links below take you to the appropriate species, or the first cultivar of that species. Thus click on the green species name to take you to the first cultivar of that species. Where there are more cultivars than can fit on a single page, I have also linked the first one on the page. Hence the odd green name amongst the kousas for example. Hybrids not attributed to a specific epithet are also included here, grouped together under their parentage for meaningful association. Within the catalogue pages, they are included in their alphabetical positions, thus they are individually linked direct to their entry.

The principle is that it should make it quicker to find the plant that you are looking for in the larger genera where we have plants of a great many species. Thus, if you are looking for a specific plant, you don't have to trawl through pages and pages to find it.

Click here to go to an overview of the Tree Cornus or Flowering Dogwoods.

Cornus alba 'Alleman's Compact'  'Aurea'  'Bloodgood'  'Elegantissima'  'Gouchaltii'  'Hessei'  'Kesselringii'  'Red Gnome'  'Siberian Pearls'  'Sibirica'  'Sibirica Variegata'  'Snow Pearls'  'Spaethii'
Cornus amomum 'Blue Cloud'
Cornus alternifolia 'Argentea'  'Moonlight'  'Saya'  'Silver Giant'  'Winter Gold'  'Winter Surprise'  
'Yellow Spring'
Cornus angustata 'Full Moon'
Cornus canadensis
Cornus capitata
Cornus capitata x kousa hybrids 'Gloria Birkett'  'Kenwyn Clapp'  'Norman Hadden'  'Porlock'
Cornus controversa 'Candlelight'  'Pagoda'  'Troya Dwarf'  'Variegata'  'Variegata Frans Type'
Cornus emiensis
Cornus florida 'Albaplena'  'Apple Blossom'  'Cherokee Brave'  'Cherokee Chief'  'Cherokee Daybreak'  'Cherokee Princess'  'Cherokee Sunset'  'First Lady'  'Moonglow'  'Pink Flame'  'var. pringlei'  'Purple Glory'  'Rainbow'  'Red Giant'  'Spring Song'  'Spring Time'  'Sweetwater'  'Welchii'  'White Cloud'
Cornus florida x nuttallii hybrids 'Dorothy' 
Cornus kousa 'Akebana'  'All Summer'  'Autumn Rose'  'Big Apple'  'Blue Shadow'  'Bodnant' 'Bump'  'Cherokee'  'China Dawn'  'China Girl'  'Claudia'  'Doubloon'  
'Dwarf Pink'  'Ed Mezitt'  'Elizabeth Lustgarten'  Fanfare'  'Fernie's Favourite'  'Galilean'  'Gay Head'  'Girard Nana'  'Gold Cup'  'Gold Star'  'Greensleeves'  'Greta's Gold'  Highland'  'Kreuzdame'  'Little Beauty'  'Lizzie P'  'Lustgarten Weeping'  Madame Butterfly'  'Milky Way'  'Milky Way Select'  'Miss Petty'  'Moonbeam'  'National'  Ohkan'  'Peve Limbo'  'Pollywood'  'PVG'  
'Radiant Rose'  'Rasen'  'Rosea'  'Samaritan'  'Satomi'  'Schmetterling'  'Snowbird'  'Snowboy'  'Snowflake' 'Snowflurries'  'Southern Cross'  'Spinners'  'Square Dance'  'Steeple'  'Summer Majesty'  'Summer Stars'  'Sunsplash'  'Temple Jewel'  'Teutonia'  'Trinity Star'  'Tsukabanomine'  'Weaver's Weeping'  'White Dream'  'White Dusted'  'White Fountain'  'White Giant'  
'Wieting's Select'  'Wisley Queen' 'Wolf Eyes'
Cornus kousa x nuttallii hybrids 'Venus'
Cornus mas 'Aurea'  'Aureoelegntissima'  'Flava'  'Golden Glory'  'Hillier's Upright'  'Jolico'  'Pioneer'  'Redstone'  'Spring Glow'  'Variegata'
Cornus nuttallii  'Colrigo Giant'  'Gold Spot'  'Monarch'  'North Star'  'Portlemouth'  'Zurico'
Cornus nuttallii x florida hybrids 'Ascona'  'Eddies White Wonder'  'Ormonde'  'Pink Blush'
Cornus x rutgersensis hybrids   'Aurora'  'Celestial'  'Constellation'  'Ruth Ellen'  'Stellar Pink'  'Stardust'  'Venus'
Cornus sanguinea 'Anny's Winter Orange'  'Magic Flame'  'Midwinter Fire'  'Winter Beauty'  'Winter Flame'  
Cornus sericea 'Coral Red'  'Flaviramea'  'Hedgerow's Gold'  'Isanti'  'Kelseyi'  ssp. occidentalis 'Sunshine'  'White Gold'
Cornus stolonifera - see Cornus sericea

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