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If the unrivalled range of Cornus confuses you, then just drop me through an e-mail to 
detailing what you need the tree to achieve, and I will do my best to help you.

Don't forget that there are lots of lovely specimen plants to help get you going more quickly. 
With their dense root system, Cornus establish better from a larger plant.

CORNUS kousa 'Gold Cup' 
Not to be confused with our old favourite Gold Star, this newer form is much more vigorous and upright in habit. I hope it will be less susceptible to damage from late frost. The foliage is similar being dark green with a prominent yellow central splash. White bracts too. Photo (left) shows the start of autumn colour.

CORNUS kousa 'Gold Star'
This Japanese selection is truly beautiful having a central yellow star in a dark green leaf. Particularly pretty red autumn colour also highlighted by the variegation. The red fruit contrasts superbly with the bright foliage. Reputedly it tolerates full sun, but lunctime shade must surely be advantageous.

CORNUS kousa 'Greensleeves'
A fast growing tree which develops a symmetrical branch structure. Large bracts are held above the glossy foliage for maximum effect; these maintain a surprising amount of the initial green colouring except when grown in heavy shade. This is indeed one of the very best cultivars.

CORNUS kousa var. chinensis 'Greta's Gold' 
This form arose on our nursery as a chance sport. We then named it after Greta our daughter, who at the time was just a baby! In the time since, we have improved the variegation and reliability by careful propagation. This plant is still special to us, as it was our first "new" plant. The young leaves have a bronzey tint, then open to a broad gold margin or splash. The autumn colour is fantastic with the variegation determining the shades of pink and red.

CORNUS kousa 'Highland'
The bracts of this heavy bloomer are ivory white and the light green foliage is prettily ruffled. Broad habit.

CORNUS kousa 'John Slocock' 

CORNUS kousa 'Kreuzdame' 
An excellent selection, new to us and undocumented in "Dogwoods", with large bracts reliably produced.

CORNUS kousa 'Little Beauty'
Originally selected from wild collected Korean seed, this form is dwarfer in all its parts once mature. Young plants growing strongly may have normal sized leaves and flowers; the former will show subtle variegation as growth slows.

CORNUS kousa 'Lustgarten Weeping'
A strong weeping form that can be trained up to give a true weeping tree or grown naturally to form a creeping, arching mound. The bracts are held nicely above the foliage. Potentially spectacular trained along a low wall or as edging in the same way as "step-over" fruit trees.

CORNUS kousa 'Madame Butterfly' 
The dainty white pointed bracts resemble butterflies sitting on the branches as they turn up from their mid point.

Cornus kousa Milky Way CORNUS kousa var. chinensis 'Milky Way '
Another vigorous upright form, but this one has a distinct white mottling to the leaf. Note that the bract in the adjacent picture is not fully mature, and will therefore continue to expand until is almost round. 

CORNUS kousa var. chinensis 'Milky Way Select'
Although designated a cultivar, the background to 'Milky Way' is quite complex...suffice it to say that at one point in its history, it was more of a strain than a cultivar. Thus different clones with this name exist. We now have a selected form from the US which has typical foliage (as opposed to the mottling of our original clone above) and superb bracts. For once I think it is not a case of "right" and "wrong", so much as "different".

CORNUS kousa 'Miss Petty'
The slightly cupped leaves are the darkest green, some say almost black-green, contrasting well with white bracts which pinken with age.

CORNUS kousa 'Moonbeam'
A beautiful selection producing masses of large creamy white bracts which seem to glow in the evening sun.  

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