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If the unrivalled range of Cornus confuses you, then just drop me through an e-mail to 
detailing what you need the tree to achieve, and I will do my best to help you.

Don't forget that there are lots of lovely specimen plants to help get you going more quickly. 
With their dense root system, Cornus establish better from a larger plant.

CORNUS kousa 'Cherokee'
The dense form and compact habit make this one of the smaller growing kousas. It is extremely floriferous with wide, rippled bracts. Rich green foliage reliably develops good autumn colours, whilst fruit are also freely produced. A great introduction.
See it in the Gardens here.

CORNUS kousa 'China Dawn'
A wonderful variegated selection with a broad, creamy white margin to the otherwise green leaves. I find that autumn colour is always more showy on the variegated forms as the different portions of the leaf turn colour at different rates. Although much more tolerant of exposure than the frankly fussy 'Snowboy', it is still best grown with some element of protection as so many variegated plants are. Due to the difficulties of our exposed site, we rarely propagate the variegated cultivars, so availability will be very limited.

CORNUS kousa var. chinensis 'China Girl'
Selected for prolific flowering with large creamy white bracts. The bracts actually start quite small, green and star like and enlarge and whiten as the central true flowers mature. Unlike many cultivars, once these flowers are over, the bracts turn brown and drop, rather than turning pink, making this one a popular choice for themed "white gardens". Upright habit.

CORNUS kousa 'Claudia'
I received this, and originally listed it, as 'Claudine', however I believe 'Claudia' is now the accepted name. It has become a firm favourite of mine, developing a broad, layered habit. These layers are covered in opulent creamy bracts of good substance which, in a more open position, will pinken as they mature. Lovely rich wine red autumn leaf colour is reliably produced (as is often the case, best colours will be seen in a sunny site) whilst fruit are freely produced.
See it in the gardens here.

CORNUS kousa 'Doubloon' 
A tall, upright growing form; the young stems are covered in tiny silvery hairs. An exciting American selection with additional bracts around each flower cluster giving a semi-double effect. The result is an even more dramatic floral display.

CORNUS kousa 'Dwarf Pink' 
A Japanese selection with narrow, pink bracts which pale towards the centre. The compact, bushy habit makes it a great choice for small gardens. Autumn leaf colour can be superb on this one, but it doesn't seem to produce much fruit. 
See it in our Quarry Garden.

CORNUS kousa 'Ed Mezitt'   
This American selection has purple new growth, with the leaves remaining bronze until flowering time in June. The bright orange-red autumn colour can be excellent, whilst wide creamy bracts overlap to give good floral effect too. It has a rather lax, informal habit rarely producing a single dominant leader.

CORNUS kousa 'Elizabeth Lustgarten' 
This one has a distinctive habit - the leader is still upright, but the lateral branches weep to give a graceful, weeping, rounded crown. The white bracts which pinken with maturity are arguably the showiest of the weeping cultivars.

CORNUS kousa 'Fanfare'
A rapid grower with an upright, vase-shaped, growth habit. The large creamy-white bracts are freely produced and autumn foliage colour is also attractive. Though perhaps less relevant in this country, it is particularly hardy, surviving temperatures as low as -29C. Nevertheless, this one has stood out in the collection here to become a firm favourite.
See it in our Woodland Walk.

CORNUS kousa 'Fernie's Favourite' 
Thanks to Charles Fernie, previously of Grayswood Hill for this lovely plant. Thought to be an original introduction from the wild, the creamy bracts become marked with distinct pink splashes. This can be a vigorous grower, typically developing a broad, free branching habit. In suitable conditions, rich red autumn leaf colours can be seen.

CORNUS kousa 'Galilean'
An excellent selection, part of the "Biblical Series" from Jim Zampini of Lake County Nursery, Ohio. Impressive, with upright habit and enormous creamy bracts, broad and rounded at the base to give a much more substantial impression. 

CORNUS kousa 'Gay Head'
This floriferous selection is compact, yet upright in habit. The white bracts are curved or ruffled and vary in size.

CORNUS kousa 'Girard's Dwarf'
Previously known as 'Girard Nana', that name was not valid according to modern nomenclature rules since it mixed Latin and modern languages. This truly dwarf form is a deceptively heavy bloomer.

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