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last updated 20/10/2014

CORNUS florida 'Pink Flame'
The variegated cultivars of Cornus florida are harder to site and slower growers, but if you can get it right they are utterly gorgeous, and this one is no exception. The colourful leaves have green centres with creamy white outside, edged with pink margins and flushed with yellow in summer. What a combination! Red and pink autumn colours complete the display, but letís not forget the bonus of pink bracts in May.

CORNUS florida var. pringlei
Given varietal status in the recent Timber Press book 'Dogwoods', this Mexican variant has proven the most robust florida here. Its distinguishing feature is the way in which the bracts remain fused at the tips, creating a silhouette reminiscent of a paper lantern.

CORNUS florida 'Purple Glory' 
A striking form with deep purple flushed leaves all summer and deeper still in the autumn. Probably the darkest red-purple flower bracts of them all!

CORNUS florida 'Rainbow'
Beautiful form with leaves margined deep yellow tinged with pink when young. Magnificent deep red-purple margined scarlet autumn colour. White flower bracts.

CORNUS florida 'Red Giant' 
A vigorous form imported from Japan with dark red flower bracts.

CORNUS florida 'Royal Red' 
Red bracts contrast with brighter green foliage. Bushier habit.

CORNUS florida 'Spring Song'
Rich green leaves and vivid pink bracts.

CORNUS florida 'Springtime'
One of the earliest to flower, the very large white bracts may be over 10cm across. Good disease resistance too makes this one of the best.

CORNUS florida 'Sweetwater Red' 
Deep pink-red flower bracts and reddish foliage. Bushier habit.

CORNUS florida 'White Cloud' 
Splendid white flowered form with the largest bracts.

CORNUS 'Gloria Birkett'

CORNUS 'Kenwyn Clapp'
This delightful plant occurred as a self sown seedling in the garden of Mr Kenwyn Clapp near Plymouth. It is probable that the parents were C. capitata and C. kousa. It is very similar in leaf shape and habit to the well known hybrid of similar parentage 'C. Norman Hadden'. Although also semi-evergreen (retaining more or less leaf according to the severity of the winter, C. 'Kenwyn Clapp' seems hardier than C. 'Norman Hadden'. There is also a greater degree of pink flushing through the foliage which is reflected in the pinker flower bracts, particularly as they mature. Altogether a welcome and worth addition to a very beautiful group of small trees.

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