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If the unrivalled range of Cornus confuses you, then just drop me through an e-mail to 
detailing what you need the tree to achieve, and I will do my best to help you.

Don't forget that there are lots of lovely specimen plants to help get you going more quickly. With their dense root system, Cornus establish better from a larger plant.

CORNUS kousa 'Steeple' 
As the name implies, this one is more upright in habit than many (but nowhere near to the point of being fastigiate), with lovely glossy foliage which colours well in autumn. Sharply pointed creamy bracts. Nevertheless, if upright is your key feature, then this may not be my first choice. See also 'All Summer' or feel free to email me to discuss.

CORNUS kousa 'Summer Stars'
The bracts are particularly long lasting, with the first fruits colouring as the last bracts fade. More purple autumn colours in the right conditions. However, it is its overall appearance that is perhaps the most defining feature of this one. It most closely resembles 'Tsukabanomine' with its compact, layered habit and smaller than typical leaves and bracts. 

CORNUS kousa 'Sunsplash' 
Bring the sun into your garden with this American introduction! Green leaves with yellow centres less dramatically defined than in 'Gold Star', but a much more robust plant. It naturally makes a tidy, slightly compact but generally upright small tree which appeals to my sense of order. Lovely orange autumn colours too.

CORNUS kousa var. chinensis ' Temple Jewel' 
A floriferous selection which grows vigorously to form a distinctive vase-shape with dense branching habit. The new leaves are variegated with yellow centres, through lime green to a dark green margin, though this diminishes as the growth ripens. Although I describe this as variegated, the overall effect does not shout out at you in the way that variegation usually does. Indeed our display plant is in a completely open position, and the variegation is generally only apparent at close inspection. Instead it just appears to be a really handsome tree, with a profusion of bracts slightly earlier in the season than most other culitvars.
See it in our Gardens here.

CORNUS kousa 'Teutonia' 
Most of our newer selections have come from the US, but this one is European. Large creamy white bracts as expected but it is the autumn colour which sets this one apart, even in a "poor" year. Translucent and fluorescent oranges with the light behind them, have to be seen to be believed. This typically makes a tidy, slightly smaller tree.
See it in our Gardens here.

CORNUS kousa 'Trinity Star' 
This one is unique in our collection. The young growth emerges bright pink, before developing white mottling as the leaves mature ultimately to rich deep green. It is compact and tidy in habit, making a splendid small tree that's just a little bit different.

CORNUS kousa 'Tsukubanomine' 
Such a distinctive plant. Horizontal branching habit, which creates an effect not unlike that of Viburnum plicatum. Much more exclusive though and quite different to most of the other Cornus we grow. Small and narrow, pointed bracts perch on top of the thin branches.

CORNUS kousa 'Weaver's Weeping'  
A slow growing but true weeping form which needs support to establish a leader. Our stock plant flowered profusely last year, and the smaller flowers were distinctly flushed pink. We rarely propagate these dwarf weeping selections though because they are so slow growing and difficult to maintain.

CORNUS kousa 'Weisse Fontaine' 
An evocative name when translated to "white fountain", justifiably conjuring images of fountains of white bracts. In principle, this is a vigorous small vase-shaped small tree, but the white bracts are produced in such profusion that they weigh down the branches, such that they gracefully arch at the tips.

CORNUS kousa 'Whirlwind' 
As a young plant, the branches sweep spirally - looking as if they've been caught in a whirlwind! It does grow out of this eventually though.

CORNUS kousa 'White Dream'
A European selection with good-sized bracts produced prolifically. This one has a tidy habit, naturally forming an elegant vase-shaped small tree.

CORNUS kousa 'White Dusted' 
A much smaller, slower bushy plant for a shady site, the leaves are delicately flecked with cream and white. Although we have it in the collection, it's not one that we regularly propagate due to the severity of our growing conditions. This one (as with so many variegated plants) benefits from a spot of shade and shelter.

CORNUS kousa 'White Giant'
The name says it all! 

CORNUS kousa var. chinensis 'Wieting's Select'
Selected in Germany, this form is particularly hardy, with excellent autumn colour. Masses of creamy white bracts are freely produced, followed by an excellent crop of fruit. This one will develop a comparatively broad, layered habit.
See it in our Quarry Garden.

CORNUS kousa var. chinensis 'Wisley Queen'
Such is the esteem in which the magnificent specimen on Battleston Hill at the RHS Garden, Wisley is held, that it was eventually given a cultivar name. And this is that very plant. Statuesque and floriferous. Enough said.

CORNUS kousa 'Wolf Eyes' 
A recent variegated selection with strong white margins and subtle grey green centres to the leaf. Supposedly scorch resistant but I would only try growing it in full sun on really nice, moisture retentive soil (as always, not too wet in winter though!) 

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