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I'm delighted that after a gap without them for a couple of years whilst we relocated the nursery, we have a splendid crop of Epimedium available this season. The green links below will take you to the plants available; not all our collection this year, but a lovely selection nevertheless. The black names below give you an idea of what else we have in the collection which will be available again in the future. They have made really nice plants, good pot-fulls in 2 litre pots. My experience is that they establish so much better from this more robust size.

acuminatum 'Galaxy' L1962
'Asiatic hybrid'
'Black Sea'
brevicornu Og 88.010 var. rotundatum Og 82.010
campanulatum Og 93.087
'Cobhay Ruby'
davidii EMR 4125
dolichostemum Og 81.010
ecalcaratum Og 93.082
epsteinii CPC 940347
fargesii 'Pink Constellation'
flavum Og 92.036
franchetii  'Brimstone Butterfly'
'Golden Eagle'
grandiflorum 'Beni chidori'  'Lilafee'  'Nanum'  'Queen Esta'  'Saturn'  'Sirius'  'Tama no genpei'  'Violaceum'  'White Queen'  'Yellow Princess'
'Heavenly Purple'
latisepalum Og 91.002
'Lemon Meringue Pie'
leptorrhizum 'Mariko'
'Little Shrimp'
membranaceum Og 93.047
ogisui Og 91.001
x omeiensis 'Akane' Og 82.001  'Pale Fire Sibling'  'Stormcloud' Og 82.002
pauciflorum Og 92.123
pinnatum ssp. colchicum L123  
platypetalum Og 93.085
pubescens Og 91.003
rhizomatosum Og 92.114
x rubrum
x setosum
stellulatum 'Wudang Star' L1193
versicolour 'Cupreum'  'Sulphurea'  
x warlyense 'Ellen Willmot'
'William Stearn'
wushanense  Og 93.019  'Caramel' og 92.009 
x youngianum 'Beni kujaku'  'Merlin'  'Niveum'  'Shikinomai'  'Yenomoto'

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