EPIMEDIUM continued
last updated 21/10/2014

EPIMEDIUM brevicornu Og 88.010    
Mikinori Ogisu is probably the most important man in the Epimedium world! He has made numerous introductions from wild seed collected in China in recent years - his collection numbers feature heavily through our list. This is an extremely graceful plant with small white and gold flowers cup shaped flowers held in clouds above the leaves. Contrasting most effectively are the small heart shaped leaves which are beautifully blotched with deep purple as they emerge in spring.

EPIMEDIUM campanulatum Og 93.087
A most unusual small semi-evergreen species from East China. The relatively small flowers are spurless and a delightful pale yellow.

EPIMEDIUM 'Cobhay Ruby'

EPIMEDIUM epsteinii CPC 940347
A handsome species with large pale lilac and purple flowers. The young leaves are an unusual pale green, flushed with copper-bronze.

EPIMEDIUM fargesii 'Pink Constellation'    
This is about as different from the previous one as it gets! The large flowers are a pale lilac pink with the sepals reflexing dramatically and uniquely to form an open tube. The whole plant is taller and more open, whilst the leaves have large arrow-head like spiny leaflets. Very dramatic. 
See also E. 'Heavenly Purple'

EPIMEDIUM franchetii 'Brimstone Butterfly'    
As with so many, the leaves themselves are worthy of a place in the garden. They are tough and leathery, but very a very pale green delicately edged in pink when they emerge in spring. However, it is almost evergreen, maintaining a carpet all winter. The flowers are basically a two-tone yellow, with the paler primrose sepals and bright lemon yellow spurs.

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