EPIMEDIUM continued
last updated 21/10/2014

EPIMEDIUM 'Heavenly Purple'
Torsten bred this fabulous selection from E. fargesii 'Pink Constellation'

EPIMEDIUM ilicifolium Og93020
This more recent introduction is still rare in cultivation. The large evergreen leaves are very handsome, being long and dramatically incised, rather like holly leaves as is alluded to in the name. The pretty pale yellow flowers are large, appearing broader by virtue of long spurs. All in all this is a very splendid plant.

EPIMEDIUM ogisui Og 91.001      
It was only fair that one of the loveliest should have been named after Mikinori Ogisu. The wide, spoon shaped sepals and long arching spurs are pure white, which contrasts so well with the rich red mottling on the new leaves. Low growing but spreads gently - enough to make an impact without ever being a nuisance!

EPIMEDIUM x omeiense 'Akame' Og 82.001    
(E. acuminatum x E. fangii) Previously, but incorrectly, known as E. x omeiense 'Emei Shan'. Although a hybrid, this one is naturally occurring and was named after the location in Sichuan where it was found. So many of the flowers are amazing, but this is even more so. They are large but the sepals are red (not a common colour amongst epimediums) above arching golden spurs which are also tinged with red. These are held above wonderful bronze young foliage.

EPIMEDIUM x omeiense 'Stormcloud' Og 82.002   
(E. acuminatum x E. fangii) A sister seedling to the above, the flowers are inevitably similar in structure. However, they are a different colour - essentially reminiscent of chocolate though with purple speckling and yellow tipped spurs. The new foliage is flushed red.

EPIMEDIUM platypetalum Og 93.085  
This amazingly old introduction (dating back to 1922) lacks the characteristic spurs of so many Epimedium. The lemon yellow flowers are held above the leaves with their heart shaped leaflets. These are attractively flushed purple in autumn and winter to give interest for such a long time.

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