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ACER palmatum 'Little Princess'
see Acer palmatum 'Mapi no machihime' (below)

ACER palmatum 'Mapi-no-machi hime'
Also known, incorrectly, as 'Little Princess' (which is much easier to say and spell!). A recent British introduction, it is a really useable plant. The light green leaves are edged red when young, before giving good orange and red autumn colour. A small dense shrub, compact in habit but nicely vigorous when young. Very attractive. 1-2m by nearly as wide. There are a number of very similar cultivars in this group eg. 'Komache hime' and 'Murasaki kyohime'.

ACER palmatum 'Margaret Bee'
Coming soon!

ACER palmatum 'Marjan'
This recent Dutch introduction has tremendous potential. It appears to be particularly tolerant of exposure, so a good choice for a drier or sunnier position. Bright pink-red young foliage in spring becomes purple-red in summer before brightening again to orange in the autumn. It is vigorous when young, being initially upright before broadening with maturity. Expect 2-3m by 1.5m in 10 years.

ACER palmatum 'Matsukaze' 
The leaves are deeply divided (but not as a dissectum), opening bright bronze-red. Summer colour is olive green, flushed with purple (dependant on light levels) but the scarlet autumn colour (photo left) is some of the best. It forms a wide spreading shrub with arching branches; to 2-3m high and often wider.

ACER palmatum 'Matsuyoi'
Larger, less divided leaves than many cultivars unfurl a light yellowish green before maturing to a clean bright green. However, the distinctive feature is the haphazard way in which it holds its leaves - as if they've been thrown onto the plant rather than carefully laid out. Effective autumn colour in all shades of orange. Forms a broad headed small tree to 3m.

ACER palmatum 'Melanie'
Another member of the 'Corallinum' group with fluorescent pink young leaves. Yet this one stands out to many people who see it here on the nursery. See also Acer palmatum 'Corallinum', 'Shindeshojo' and 'Beni Maiko' which are all rather similar.

NEW ACER palmatum 'Meoto'

ACER palmatum 'Mikawa yatsubusa'

ACER palmatum 'Mikazuki'
Another fabulous introduction by the Flora Wonder(tm) Collection of Buchholz Nursery. Along similar lines to the Ghost series, this one has narrow-lobed leaves with a pretty pink blush washing across a white base, higlighted by green reticulation. The colour is held well through the summer, but it does do better in a sheltered site; it's not one for full exposure. Bushy in habit, it has the potential to reach 2-3m in height by 1.5m wide in appropriate conditions.

ACER palmatum 'Mimaye'
Quite distinctive once you've seen it, but how to describe it… Upright in habit, but very bushy within that structure, the bright green leaves are longer, narrower and with more rounded lobes than is typical. Autumn colours are a fantastic bright yellow to pale orange. This is a cultivar that really stands out more for me with each passing year. 

ACER palmatum 'Mirte'
A distinct cultivar from the van Gelderen stable with very large, deeply lobed leaves which are a mid chocolate brown on emergence in spring, marked with pretty green veining and a soft pubescence (see photo left). They become deep olive green through summer and superb yellow-orange in autumn (photo right). It is a strong growing tree reaching 5m in 15 years. I particularly like this one. If you find the greens too boring and the purples too predictable, then this one could be the solution.

ACER palmatum 'Mizuho beni' 
Originating in the States, this exciting plant resembles 'Katsura' with its incredibly vivid orange spring growth, which evolves to yellow-green through summer. However, this comes into leaf as much as 3 weeks after 'Katsura', which could be most useful to those of us fighting the dreaded spring frosts. A splendid multi-season plant, the slender younger stems are bright red in winter.  2m by 1m in 10 years. (picture left shows autumn colour)

ACER palmatum 'Momoiro kôyasan'
A distinctive colour break in that the emerging leaves are brightly peach coloured before turning orange-red, then red before fading to bronze green by late summer. Leaves can even be lightly variegated through the summer. Light shade is best for this pretty cultivar.

ACER palmatum 'Mon Papa' 
A handsome shrubby tree growing eventually wider than it is tall. The leaves open purple but may fade to olive brown depending on the light levels - best colour as always will be in good light (not necessarily full sun though) where it is spectacular. Brilliant orange and red autumn colours. Our stock plant now looks truly magnificent and never fails to attract attention. 2-3m 

ACER palmatum 'Mon zukushi'
A good tough Maple with attractive young growth where the green is flushed with a pinkish-chocolate colour. Green summer colour takes on brilliant orange and red autumn colours. Sturdy growth, vigorous when young to 4m.

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