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ACER palmatum 'Kamagata' 
As the lacy leaves unfold, they are edged with rusty red before becoming a bright lime green for the summer. Brilliant autumn colours are yellows and oranges with a touch of red, and are retained for a long time. Selected and named by Maple expert, the late J.D.Vertrees in the States. 1m

ACER palmatum 'Kasagi yama' 
This cultivar is very rare. The 7-lobed leaves are longer than usual with superb brick red spring colour. This fades to brownish green, but still with distinct veins. I like it very much; in fact I'm particularly fond of this entire group! A slow growing broad small tree to 6m.
See it in our Maple Glade.

ACER palmatum 'Kashima' 
Although this delightful plant is technically classified as a dwarf, I think that's a bit misleading. It is however, very compact and grows very slowly, to around 1m in 10 years. However, it does have the potential to do twice that given long enough. Nevertheless its characteristics make it ideal for bonsai, pot or a rockery, as well as the open ground. Pretty small leaves and lovely autumn colours (photo left).
See it in our Maple Glade.

ACER palmatum 'Katja' 
Pretty young growth is orange-red when it emerges, maturing to green. The second flush of growth is, if anything, even more effective because it is highlighted by the older green leaves around it. Autumn colours are just as colourful, being a mix of salmons, oranges and reds. This is a well behaved cultivar which looks wonderful in a natural setting. Upright when young, and with good vigour initiall, expect some 2m in 10 years.

ACER palmatum 'Katsura' 
The stunning bright orange young growth makes this one of the best for spring colour. Its eventual height will be determined by the conditions since it will grow bigger in a mild moist area than in a drier one. Summer colour matures to a bronzy green before developing fiery autumn colours. Great in smaller gardens or as a dramatic accent plant in larger landscapes. I love it! 3-4m

ACER palmatum 'Kihachij˘' 
"Tree from the Island of Hachij˘" The larger than usual leaves are bright green developing distinctive autumn colour of blends of yellow-gold through orange and red, all with rosy tones. This is a reliable, sturdy small tree of angular growth to 4m. The attractive striated bark gives winter interest too. 3-4m
See it in our Maple Glade.

ACER palmatum 'Killarney'
I particularly like this one, though it's difficult to pin-point exactly why. I find it quite slow growing, and bushy when young - slow to gain height therefore. The leaves are solid, yet deeply cut and and each lobe is edged with red, which is held for a long time through the summer. Yellow and orange autumn colours. I would be surprised if this one reached as tall as 2m in 10 years, though I'm sure it has the potential to do that eventually. Expect its width to roughly equal its height though.

ACER palmatum 'Kinky Krinkle' 
Previously listed as 'Krazy Krinkle' and changed in line with the Checklist. With respect to introducer Talon Buchholz (for whom I have enormous admiration) I never did like the name. Unfortunately I like this version even less! However, this American cultivar is such a cutie. I don't normally like those with strange foliage, but this one just works! The leaves don't look diseased, just prettily crinkled and clustered together. Wonderful in a pot too, and fantastic orange to red autumn colour. Given good growing conditions, this one can gain height rapidly when young, though it soon slows down and fills out. It's interesting to compare it therefore with something like 'Kashima' which is theoretically also a dwarf. That one grows very slowly to start with so takes a long time to reach 2m. This is more rapid initially, but will almost stop gaining height much sooner. Therefore their rates of growth are totally opposite, yet the net result in say 20 years time could be almost identical. Which perfectly illustrates how difficult it is to convey meaningful size data for these maples. Gardening is not an exact science!

ACER palmatum 'Ki shuzan'
This selection from Korea is a fabulous plant. The broad lobes are deeply divided and coarsely toothed giving them a feathery feel which belies their larger size. Light green spring growth soon matures to an attractive mid green through the summer, whilst the lovely autumn colours are predominantly clean bright yellows and oranges. Early indications are that it is slow growing when young (though I suspect this may disguise a decent size eventually) with the habit being free branching to create a broad crown.
See it in our Maple Glade.

ACER palmatum 'Kogane sakae'
I love the translation of this name - "Golden Prosperity". Wonderful! It is actually referring to the bark, which is mostly light green save for streakings of yellow, almost like a snakebark maple. Bright green spring foliage is often tipped with red and the interest continues with orange to yellow autumn colour (photo left). A strong upright tree to 5m.
See it in our Maple Glade.

ACER palmatum 'Komon nishiki'
Due to the vast genetic reservoir, there are many cultivars of Acer palmatum which are very similar to others. We are trying hard not to grow every one, just to add another name to our list, but to select the "best". It is therefore refreshing to find a cultivar, new to us, which is totally unlike any other we have seen. It makes describing it a bit more difficult though. The translation of "small figures on cloth" doesn't help much either! The Spring growth edges the basic bright green with rose, blending almost to the centre. As the leaves mature, they exhibit the variegated character of "Sunago-Fu" meaning sand-dusting. This refers to the specks of cream dusted across the leaf, sometimes being so close together as to make portions of the leaf appear cream. This subtlety really is most effective. Autumn colour is bright crimson. Expect 2m. I have found this to be the most sun and exposure tolerant of any variegated cultivar - indeed I have them thriving in full sun (albeit on good soil that demonstrates excellent moisture retention in summer.)

ACER palmatum 'Korean Gem'
A dramatic small tree of good vigour. Upright in habit when young, it will broaden with maturity. Given its rich red-purple stems, it is always a surprise to me when the leaves prove to be green each year! Brilliant autumn colours too. 

ACER palmatum 'Koriba'
Another surprise here, for the leaves open a rich, deep purple (photo left) against the bright green stems and is held well all summer. Lovely autumn colour then follows, in shades of orange (photo right). Most effective. Upright habit. 3m.

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