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Magnolia x loebneri 'Mag's Pirouette'

Magnolia 'Malin'
Although this is essentially a soulangeana type, I find the flower shape much more elegant, being slightly more upright, with slightly narrower and more pointed tepals. It is a delightful blush pink on the outside, almost white within. It is very slow-growing, slowly developing a shrubby habit with no dominant leader. However, perhaps its most important attribute is its extreme hardiness; the flower buds surviving many degrees of frost even in March. The seed was sent from Phil Savage to Lennarth Jonnson in Sweden who raised and named it.

Magnolia 'Manchu Fan'
(M. x soulangeana 'Lennei Alba' x M. veitchii) Medium sized white goblets have purplish staining at the base so subtle that it is only apparent when closely studied. Flowers are freely produced on this robust yet tidy, upright Gresham hybrid to 5m. 
See also 'Manchu Fan' x 'Leda' below.

Magnolia 'Manchu Fan' x 'Leda'
This recent hybrid from Wespelaar Arboretum in Belgium promises to become a modern classic, combining as it does the best of two already superb selections. The pure white flowers retain the distinctive cup-and-saucer shade of 'Leda' whilst the tree itself grows pleasingly rapidly to achieve a tidy tree-like form. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Margaret Helen'        
(M. liliiflora 'Nigra' x M. campbellii var. mollicomata) Combining two very different species, this cultivar must surely have the best of both worlds. The rose red campbellii type bowl shaped blooms are freely produced from a young age. It is wonderful that the genetic influence from M. liliiflora 'Nigra' overcomes some of the traditional campbellii difficulties, making this wonderful hybrid growable in more challenging sites. The shape is intermediate too, with it forming a broad headed, well branched small tree.

Magnolia 'Marguerite'
(M. 'Anne Rosse' x M. 'Purple Breeze') So many fabulous selections have been made at Arboretum Wespelaar, and this promises to be no exception. The large pink flowers are held looking sideways, in a manner a little reminiscent of 'Purple Breeze', enabling them to be appreciated in all their glory. Early indications are that 'Marguerite' will make a good sized tree. It is allegedly also particularly hardy.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Marjory Gossler'
(M. denudata x M. sargentiana var. robusta) Although florally reminiscent of the glorious Asiatic magnolias, this hybrid is extremely hardy. Substantial, well-shaped flowers are pure white inside whilst outside they have a noticeable purple flush at the base of the petals. Fragrant too.

Magnolia sprengeri var. diva 'Marwood Spring'
This selection of M. sprengeri var. diva has particularly deep reddish-purple flowers, that are a touch paler within. Marwood Hill Garden in North Devon, where it originated, is not very far away from us here and is a garden that I have enjoyed visiting in both personal and professional capacities (if they can ever be separated!) over many years. There are many magnolias in the gardens there, but this must surely be their "signature tree".  
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Mary Chalice'
A recent selection, there seems to be very little information about it. The large white flowers have a delicate touch of purple at the base of each tepal. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Mary Nell'

Magnolia 'Maryland' 
This is a wonderful evergreen hybrid between M. grandiflora and M. virginiana. The leaves are a brighter, lighter green and it flowers from a very young age. It produces masses of creamy white, lemon-scented flowers in summer as typical of M. grandiflora.

Magnolia 'Maxine Merrill'
(M. acuminata ‘Miss Honeybee’ x M. x loebneri ‘Merrill’) I mentally classify this one aesthetically within the x loebneri group, although technically that is not the case - since it also benefits from M. acuminata in its parentage, it is correctly simply M. 'Maxine Merrill'. It is strongly reminiscent of the loebneri group in several ways though: the general shape, size and habit, its tolerance of less than perfect conditions, as well as the sturdy, 6-petalled flowers which, uniquely in this company, are yellow. This group is also excellent for planting in woodland gardens because they are more content to flower in a shady site than many.

Magnolia x loebneri 'Merrill'

Magnolia sieboldii 'Michiko Renge'

Magnolia 'Milky Way' 
(M. 'Mark Jury' x M. x soulangeana 'Alba') The heavy textured flowers in mid-spring are an icy white shaded rose-pink towards the base and pure white inside. The overall appearance is sparkling white. Fragrant. An erect neatly rounded tree from the late Felix Jury, growing to 5-6m.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia sieboldii 'Ming Pyong gal'

Magnolia 'Mister Yellowjacket'

Magnolia 'Moondance'
(M. x soulangeana x M. x veitchii) A splendid Gresham hybrid producing masses of huge white flowers, delicately flushed with pink at the base of each tepal. A tidy tree of upright pyramidal habit.

Magnolia virginiana 'Moonglow'
Exceptionally hardy, 'Moonglow' blooms over a long period from late spring into the summer. the creamy white flowers may not be the largest, but they are exquisitely scented, with a delightful citric fragrance.

Magnolia kobus 'Morris Fragrant'

Magnolia 'Mossman's Giant'
(M. sargentiana var. robusta x M. campbellii var. mollicomata)

Magnolia x loebneri 'Neil McEachern'

Magnolia 'Nelly' x 'Caerhays Belle'
[('Atlas' x 'Vulcan') x (M. sargentiana var. robusta x M. sprengeri var. diva)]
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Nimbus'
(M. hypoleuca M. virginiana) I am excited by this unusual and extremely valuable addition to our collection. Intermediate between its parents, being as it is semi-evergreen. It also inherits later flowering (May-June) so should avoid the frosts. The creamy white flowers with reddish purple stamens are sweetly scented. 

Magnolia kobus 'Norman Gould'

Magnolia kobus 'Octopus'
Originally named M. kobus ‘Edward E Kehr’ after August Kehr’s father. Subsequently the latter was unhappy about that, so the name was changed to ‘Octopus’ since it is an octoploid selection of M. kobus. Thus the gorgeous pure white flowers are much more substantial.

Magnolia 'Old Port'

Magnolia 'Olivia'(M. acuminata var. subcordata ‘Miss Honeybee’ x M. ‘Gold Crown’) This is actually the sister seedling to the highly rated M. ‘Daphne’ and it is just as good. The flowers themselves are a little larger, and the tree overall is larger and more typical in its habit and vigour. 

Magnolia 'Orchid'

Magnolia 'Pat's Delight'

Magnolia 'Patty'
(M. 'David Clulow' x M. 'Leda')
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Paul Cook'
(M. 'Big Dude' x M. 'Vulcan')

Magnolia 'Peaches 'n' Cream'

Magnolia 'Peachy'
(M. acuminata 'Fertile Myrtle' x M. sprengeri var. diva) The large, somewhat floppy flowers, with a pleasant fragrance have 9 tepals. They are a delicious orange/red on the outside and creamy white inside. Fastigiate habit.

Magnolia 'Pegasus'
(M. cylindrica x M. denudata ?) Although grown for many years simply as M. cylindrica, it was decided in 1998 that this clone is in fact a hybrid, probably with M. denudata, the leaves of which these resemble in shape. Whatever its origin, the flowers are beautiful, opening in early spring before the leaves; they are pure white with a slight purplish basal suffusion and are followed by dramatic oblong red fruits. It becomes a large shrub or small multi-stemmed tree; initially vase-shaped, but becoming more spreading to develop a crown as broad as it is high, to 3-5m.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Pegasus' x campbellii 'Veitch Clone'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Peter Dummer'

Magnolia 'Peter Smithers'
(M. x soulangeana 'Rustica Rubra' x M. x veitchii) A dark rose red flowered Gresham hybrid named in honour of Sir Peter Smithers.

Magnolia 'Phelan Bright'
A Gresham hybrid (probably involving M. x soulangeana and M. x veitchii) of unknown origin. The fragrant clear white flowers can be over 30cm across and  have 12 tepals. The flower shape is similar to the cup-and-saucer shape of Magnolia campbellii flowers. The tree is upright at first, then developing a spreading canopy, and usefully blooms later than most of the Gresham hybrids.

Magnolia 'Phil's Masterpiece'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Pickard's Ruby' x 'Felix Jury' #1

Magnolia 'Pickard's Snow Queen'

Magnolia 'Piet van Veen'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Pink Butterfly'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia x loebneri 'Pink Cloud'

Magnolia 'Pink Delight'
(M. x soulangeana 'Alexandrina' x M. ’Galaxy’) The very wide, cup-shade flowers are a delightful lavender rose in colour and deliciously fragrant. The blooming season is reliably extended by several weeks by secondary flower buds. A further asset is the winter cold hardiness of the winter buds. An exciting new addition to our range.

Magnolia sprengeri 'Pink Floyd'
(SW Hubei)

Magnolia kobus 'Pink form'

Magnolia 'Pink Goblet'

Magnolia virginiana 'Pink Halo'

Magnolia zenii 'Pink Parchment'
M. zenii itself is a rare new species from China introduced in the early 1980’s. This, the first named clone, was grown and named by Mike Dirr from Arnold Arboretum seed, to first bloom in 1997. Flowers are about 10cm across, with purple-pink striping on the outside, white on the inside, and very fragrant. Our experience so far is that it makes a wonderfully tidy, symmetrical tree, that flowers early in the season, yet is weather resilient and reliably prolific in its flower.

Magnolia 'Pink Surprise'
[(M. liliiflora x M. sprengeri var. diva) x (M. acuminata x M. x soulangeana ‘Picture’)] I suppose it is inevitable as time moves on that the parentage of new Magnolias will become increasingly complex as the best hybrids are themselves hybridised. The “surprise” element of this cultivar is that the flower buds are very tiny (and extremely frost tolerant), yet open to great big flowers, with secondary buds prolonging the bloom period for up to a month. The flowers themselves are gorgeous; bright reddish pink at the base suffusing up through the otherwise baby-pink tepals. Beautifully shaped too.

Magnolia 'Pinkie'

Magnolia 'Porcelain Dove'
(M. globosa x M. virginiana var. australis) This exciting Gresham hybrid was created in 1965, but not named until 1986. Blooming through the summer, long after the frost risk, the porcelain-white flowers resemble those of M. virginiana, but are larger and distinctly fragrant. 

Magnolia x loebneri 'Powder Puff'

Magnolia 'Premier Cru'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia sieboldii 'Pride of Norway'

Magnolia 'Princess Margaret' 
(M. campbellii var. alba x M. sargentiana var. robusta) A chance seedling at Caerhays Castle now planted at Windsor. Beautiful subtle colouration of the large flowers is basically rose coloured outside and cream inside.

Magnolia 'Pristine'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Purple Breeze'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Purple Cracker'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Purple Eye' x 'Darjeeling'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Purple Globe'(M. liliiflora 'Nigra' x M. x veitchii) Possibly a sister seedling to M. ‘Star Wars’, but certainly exhibiting similar characteristics, the long-lasting flowers are more and are a darker purple, particularly on the outside of the tepals.

Magnolia 'Purple Sensation'(M. campbellii 'Lanarth' x M. liliiflora 'Nigra') Another wonderful introduction from New Zealand, the large cup and saucer blooms are a wonderful glowing orchid purple. It displays many of the elusive characteristics of its campbellii parentage but on a more modest sized tree which flowers earlier in its life and is more tolerant of most normal soils and conditions. 8m.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Purple Star'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Ramp's Pink'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia x loebneri 'Raspberry Fun'

Magnolia 'Rebecca's Perfume'

Magnolia 'Red as Red'

Magnolia 'Red Baron'
(M. acuminata x M. ‘Big Dude’)
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Red Lion'
(M .liliiflora x M. campbellii) A sister seedling of M. 'Star Wars', this exciting Blumhardt selection is a darker red.

Magnolia 'Red Lucky' 
A Chinese hybrid, correctly called M. 'Hong Yun'. This is a M. soulangeana type, with predominantly white flowers attractively striped with reddish pink up the outside of each petal. Interestingly, it often produces a second light flush of flowers in late summer.

Magnolia 'Renate'

Magnolia 'Ricki'
(M. liliiflora ‘ Nigra’ x M. stellata) One of the excellent Kosar hybrids known affectionately as “the little girls” it flowers late in the spring thus avoiding the worst of the frosts. The relatively small flowers are slender and erect, being dark red-purple in bud before opening to reveal a white interior. It inherits the more compact, shrubbier habit from M. stellata. An excellent choice for more challenging sites.

Magnolia x proctoriana 'Robert's Dream'
(M. stellata x M. salicifolia) An exquisite hybrid named after the late Robert de Belder of Arboretum Kalmthout. The soft pink flowers age to white; the petals are broader than those of M. stellata, but still retain some of their soft floppiness. Of upright habit, the pale green leaves have an attractive copper blush when young. 

Magnolia kobus 'Rogov'

Magnolia 'Rose Marie'
'Pink Surprise' x M. 'Daybreak')
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Rose Quartz'
(M. x soulangeana 'Lennei' x M. 'Blushing Belle')
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia salicifolia 'Rosea'

Magnolia stellata 'Rosea'
Typically having only 8-12 petals, these less crowded flower heads are more airy, giving a more delicate effect. Pink in bud, they fade to white. Upright in habit with good vigour once established.

Magnolia 'Roseanne'
(M. liliiflora ‘O’Neill’ x M. kobus ‘Norman Gould’) This tetraploid hybrid from Dennis Ledvina boasts six or seven tepals which are rich lavender pink on the outside and a lighter pink on the inside. The broad tepals are almost scoop-like and retain their upright form. A real beauty.

Magnolia 'Royal Alma'
(M. sprengeri 'Burncoose' x M. 'Vulcan')
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Royal Purple'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Ruby' 
Not to be confused with the shrubby M. 'Pickards Ruby', this hybrid is derived from M. soulangeana 'Picture' and produces impressively large rich ruby red goblets from an early age. It is quite distinctive due to the pure white interior and fine white picotee edging to the heavy textured sepals. This is proving to be a popular gift to those people celebrating their Ruby Wedding Anniversary!

Magnolia dawsoniana 'Ruby Rose'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Ruth'
(M. campbellii 'Lanarth' x M. liliiflora)
Available from autumn 2022

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