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ACER palmatum dissectum 'Dragon's Fire'
Essentially purple leaved, but not quite like the more common cultivars. Less densely foliated, certainly as a young plant, which gives it an air of elegance. The reddish brown leaves are highlighted against bright green stems - an unusual combination. As usual for this colouring, it will be influenced by light levels with greens oozing through the leaves from the centre in more shade. Autumn colours are oranges and yellows.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Ellen'
Particularly low, wide-spreading habit makes this cultivar stand apart. Bright, fresh green foliage turns clear yellow in autumn (as photo). 1m tall by 2.5m wide.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Emerald Lace'
With a name like this, it hardly needs a description, save to comment on what a great plant it is. Yellow young growth quickly turns to rich green lacy leaves (distinctly smaller than is typical) on very pendulous branches, becoming a wonderful burgundy red in autumn. Expect approx 2m high sooner than most, and with a very broad, lovely weeping habit.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Felice'
It is so hard to describe this essentially green dissectum, to convey why it is as distinctive as it actually is. The habit is small and rather twiggy; it lacks the long "tendril like" shoots of some of the more vigorous dissectums. The leaves themselves are smaller too with more compact lobes. In spring these are flushed with bronze, becoming more green into summer then wonderful shades of orange and yellow autumn colours.
See it in our Maple Glade.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Filigree'  
This gorgeous mushroom like dwarf is very distinct with extremely finely cut leaves. The delicate green leaf is edged with cream, thus enhancing the lacy look. Avoid full sun. 1m by a little wider. Autumn colours are oranges and yellows (see photo).
See it in our Maple Glade.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Flavescens' 
The typical feathery leaves of the dissectum group are green, with a golden glow when young. The yellow autumn colour is quite stunning.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Garnet' 
One of the largest of the group, this dissectum has richer purple colour in full sun; in shade it becomes more green. It matches "Garnet Red" on the R.H.S.  Horticultural Colour Chart - hence the name! A tougher plant better suited than its cousins to planting in grass for example. 2m

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Germaine's Gyration'
An unusually vigorous American selection, with weeping branches which twist as they cascade. The green leaves are coarser than most dissectums, giving way to spectacular red, orange and yellow autumn colours. Eventually this will be wider than it is tall, though it can be pruned to keep it to size. 1-2m
See it in our Maple Glade.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Green Globe'
My stock and display plants are still young, but I shall be fascinated to see them mature because this cultivar does not weep as is typical in the group. Instead it has the potential to develop a spherical shape - hence the cultivar name. Bright orange new growth quickly ripens to green through the summer, before developing yellow autumn colour. Potentially 3m in height given time and appropriate conditions.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Green Hornet'
It's hard to describe what makes this one stand out from the many other green dissectums we grow. The leaves are slightly coarser, contrasting against rich red petioles. An unusual combination of green leaves in summer and vivid red autumn colour, coupled with a strong constitution make this a really exciting new addition. The young leaves are tinged with orange-red, and it produces long sweeping pendulous shoots.
See it in our Maple Glade.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Green Mist' 
Cascades of delicate green ferny leaves characterise this lovely cultivar. Slow growing, the wide, very horizontal but weeping habit of the plant is emulated by the way the leaves themselves are held. We've chosen to plant this cultivar prominently in the quarry. Gorgeous orange autumn colour as you can see in the photo left. 
See it planted in our Quarry Garden.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Heartbeat'
Another Australian cultivar, although essentially a purple dissectum, this one is subtly different to the more normal purple cultivars. The rich brownish-reddish-purple foliage becomes scarlet in autumn. A good vigorous selection which we've planted in the middle of our exciting quarry project. 
See it planted in our Quarry Garden.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Inaba Shidare'
This has the potential to be a fast growing cultivar of more open and less cascading habit. The deep purple leaves hold their colour well all summer. 
See it in our Maple Glade.

ACER palmatum dissectum 'Irish Lace'
Bright pink new foliage contrasts with the mature leaves, becoming green with pink then bronzed, rather crumpled edges, all held on elegant long red petioles. Typical mounded, cascading habit, but noticeably more compact than most.
See it in our Maple Glade.

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