last updated 31/10/2014

VIOLA sororia 'Freckles'    
This dear little Viola will add interest beneath any shrub. The rich lilac-purple flowers are heavily freckled. Easy.

VIOLA 'Sulphurea'    
Just as easy but the colour is totally different, being an apricot shade of yellow.

WEIGELA middendorfiana
This is such a variable species that it has taken us ages to find a clone with the quality flower we knew existed; so we're rather proud of this one. Typical Weigela in shape, the colour makes this shrub stand out - the foxglove-like flowers are yellow with beautiful pink markings within the tubular throat. Gorgeous. Potentially a good sized shrub, but slow to get going.

A personal recommendation from a nurseryman in America. Forget the traditional large straggly plant, for this is a tidy small shrub with wonderful deep purple foliage which is held well through the summer when planted in good light. The large pink flowers occur in clusters in mid summer and look superb against the leaves. A very useful little chap.

ZELKOVA serrata Variegata 
Exquisite small deciduous tree of graceful habit. The young growth is bright pink, before becoming strikingly margined creamy white. Highly desirable for bonsai and garden planting alike. It is surprisingly easy to grow on any normal soil. Definitely another of my favourites!

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