TERMS OF BUSINESS - Please read these.

They are intended to help and to prevent misunderstanding. Placing an order implies acceptance of these terms.

How to order.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, I no longer use paper order forms. It is usual for orders to be discussed via email prior to confirmation. This enables me to give you up-to-date information regarding availability. 

This also enables us to discuss the various carriage options according to your locality and the size and nature of the plants required.

Please include your telephone number as this makes it easier to sort any problems, or for the carrier to contact you if he has any issues at the time of delivery.

I do not send out unsolicited mail, either by post or electronically, nor do I sell or give out addresses. 

In the event of an order being placed by post, be aware that I will not be able to inform you of the impending arrival of your plants unless you give me your e-mail address. 

Please make it clear if the delivery address is different to your own or if there are any dates when delivery cannot be made ie holidays. This will prevent your plants arriving whilst you are away.

Most carriers prefer to have a signature in order to leave your plants (a standard security procedure). Perhaps it might be easier to deliver to you at work, or to a neighbour. Some of the carriers will leave plants without a signature - if you can give me details of an appropriate, easily described and obvious place to leave them, I will pass them on. However this can occasionally result in misunderstandings and plants left in the wrong place! 

The most important thing is to ring me straight away if you are expecting plants that fail to arrive. Don't wait patiently for 3 weeks and then expect me to fix it! If I tell you that I will send them on a certain day, then that is what I will do. If they fail to arrive, it's because there's been a problem - and the sooner I know that, the easier it is for me to sort it out, and the more likely you are to receive healthy plants.


All plants are offered subject to being unsold at the time of processing your order. If we accept an order and payment for a plant which subsequently is unavailable for any reason, our liability is limited to the refund of the purchase price paid for the plant.

How to pay.

          As a small business, we do not accept credit cards. This is due to the fees charged by the credit card companies.  
          It would simply result in price increases, so for the time being we will continue to manage without this facility. We hope that you agree!        

However, increasing numbers of us are using Internet or Telephone Banking and thus paying bills by BACS or the new "Faster Payments" system is very easily done. I am more than happy to receive payment electronically, but you will need to contact me for my bank details. Please give your surname as the reference (otherwise your delivery will be delayed as I try to figure out who has sent me money!) Please do not give a generic reference like "plants" as this is impossible for me to trace. It is very rare for UK banks to charge for this service.

To simplify the ordering process, we require payment with order. 

We are registered under the Agricultural Flat Rate system for VAT. 


E.C. With the advent of the Single Market, no Health Certificates are now required. The biggest problem is the cost of carriage and that is out of our control! It is cheapest to despatch from November to March when the plants are dormant so surplus compost can be removed to reduce the weight. Please ask for a quote.

Non E.C. This is an expensive process not to be undertake lightly. Theoretically we are able to export anywhere in the world. However, some countries require import permits for some plants, and many countries have their own specific (and often seemingly eclectic) list of prohibited plants. We can certainly advise on these but they are at the customerís expense. We arrange the necessary Ministry inspections and certificates will be invoiced accordingly. Export is carried out wholly at the customer's risk.


I work extremely hard to ensure that problems do not occur. Inevitably, some occasionally do, and then we try as hard to solve them! Sometimes the fault is mine, and sometimes it is not. When the fault is mine, I will be abject in my apology and do everything within my power to put the matter right. When the fault is not mine, I will apologise of course, but there will be very little that I can actually do.

Please note that neither Parcelforce or the National carriers will now insure plants. They are considered to be "perishable items". We do everything in our power to ensure that our plants reach you in perfect condition. We will be sympathetic to any problem, but we will not be held responsible for damage in transit. If this worries you, please either use our "man and van" service where the plants will arrive without a leaf out of place, or collect them yourselves so that you are in control.

We believe that all our plants are true to name. If this is proven not to be the case, our liability is limited to the refund of the purchase price of the original plant or replacement, at our discretion.

If a plant is to be replaced, the customer will pay the standard carriage charge for the relevant method.

If an order should be cancelled or significantly changed after we have lifted and prepared open ground plants, we reserve the right to make a 25% restocking fee to cover the work and consumables utilised in this process. 

We will not be held responsible for failures due to inclement weather conditions or unsuitable planting sites.

If you are not prepared to accept these terms and conditions, then we regretfully but politely ask you to consider ordering else-where.