RUSCUS aculeatus 'Wheeler's Variety'
Sometimes called "Butcher's Broom", this curious small, slow growing spiny shrub of erect habit produces striking large red berries. It is a hermaphrodite so will berry alone. Popular with flower arrangers. Shade loving so ideal for naturalising beneath trees.
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SAMBUCUS nigra 'Linearis'    
In the catalogue by popular request from many of you who have admired our stock plant. The leaves are very narrow and almost thread like. However, it still has good vigour so will thrive almost anywhere, but won't exceed 2m in 15 years. The typical white Elderberry flowers are produced in summer.
Not available this season 

SAMBUCUS nigra 'Pyramidalis' 
Weird and wonderful, this eclectic Elderberry is very upright growing with tufty side shoots. However, early last summer, each one bore a huge panicle of creamy white flowers and it really did look superb.
Not available this season  

SAMBUCUS racemosa 'Tenuifolium' 
At last! Our stock plant has finally recovered from having had the dog (Bless him) sit on it some years ago, and we now have this splendid plant available again. Widely touted as achieving the effect of a Japanese Maple where no self-respecting Japanese Maple would dream of growing, it has deeply divided green leaves and a graceful arching habit. It is however, much tougher than my precious maples and withstands sun and wind to a much greater degree.
Not available this season 

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