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It's such fun to offer something a little different. These magnificent flowering plants have been thriving in our gardens for some years and increasing numbers of you have asked for them as a result! 

Many of you will know my son Torsten and be aware of his interest and enthusiasm for all things natural. I am indebted to him for his help with propagating these beauties again this year. As a result, he tells me that he will be expecting his fair share of the proceeds (to be put towards his burgeoning collections of bonsai, cacti and succulents!)

These are really superb plants, mainly in 3 litre pots (the smaller growers may be in 2 litre pots). Please do not confuse these superior plants with freshly divided bare-root lumps of dried out rhizome, nor with tiny plants in tiny pots. There is no need to cosset them to get them growing - plant them where you want them to flower and leave them to it!

Tall bearded Irises -
These magnificent plants are at their best in June. At 80 - 100cm their greater stature will add drama to any sunny border. Excitingly, some cultivars flower again towards the end of the summer.

Intermediate bearded Irises - Usually flowering during the first 2 weeks in May, these intermediate irises reach a slightly more modest height of 40 to 65 cm. This  makes them the perfect choice for more windy sites where their larger cousins could be battered.

Small bearded Irises - These small irises flower earlier, and for a tremendously long time - generally from the last 10 days of April into the middle of May. At 20 to 40 cm, they are ideal subjects for edging, rock-gardens and slopes. 

Miniature Tall bearded Irises - that may sound like a contradiction in terms, but this is perhaps my favourite group of all. The flowers of the above 3 groups can be of similar sizes, the difference is in how tall they are. This one be contrast has flowers in proportion with its stature. Thus, the effect is truly a miniature version of big brother, making it ideal for alpine beds and pots for example. 

Iris 'Bumblebee Deelite'
This is perhaps my favourite of all our irises. It is a Miniature Tall bearded, so a tiny chap (quoted in literature as reaching 46cm tall) freely producing lots of neat flowers. These have yellow standards above black-maroon falls edged with yellow. I just love it. 

Iris 'Cameo Wine'
This lovely cultivar was bred in Australia. It has pink standards and strawberry-pink falls which shade lighter around the tangerine beards. The scented flowers are slightly rounded in shape and are freely produced. A mid season tall bearded.


Iris 'Dusky Challenger'
A huge and beautifully shaped flower that is lightly ruffled. The colour is a silky rich purple-violet and even the beards are dark purple-blue. Exceptional vigour and elegance. Tall bearded.

Iris 'Eternal Bliss'
White standards with a hint of pale violet. White falls lightly tinted lavender. Tangerine beards. It often reblooms in late summer or early autumn. Tall bearded.

Iris 'Fruit Cocktail'
Primrose yellow standards. Ochre yellow falls display bright orange-red beards. Intermediate bearded.

Iris 'Maui Moonlight'
Gorgeous lemon yellow flowers are delicately ruffled. The similarly coloured fall pale to almost white beneath bright yellow beards. Intermediate bearded.

Iris 'Meadow Court'
Such a pretty thing! The yellow of the standards extends into a bright margin around the deep burgundy-red falls. Dwarf bearded.

Iris 'Mer du Sud'
An amazingly rich navy blue, without any hint of purple. This prize winner derived from 'Dusky Challenger' is a vigorous grower, often with three flowers open  at the same time. Medium blue beards. Tall bearded.

Iris 'Nibelungen'
I'm not actually sure how to classify this one. I've seen it listed as a Tall Bearded, but how can that be teh case when it only gets to about 50cm? I've also seen it listed as a cultivar of I. germanica...unfrotuiantely, without a whole lot of research I just don't have the detailed technical knowledge to sort that out. A visual description will have to suffice. It's a little like a heavier fersion of 'Bumblebee Deelite' actually, in as much as the standards are yellow, held above yellow edged falls. However, the dominant fall colour is purple with white feathering towards the centre.

Iris 'Night Edition'
Pale blue standards stand above inky blue falls (the colouring on this photo does not do it justice!) set off by yellow beards that complement rather than dominate the overall effect. Tall bearded.

Iris 'Peach Spot'
Such a delicate colour, the lightly ruffled standards are white whilst the falls have a large peach spot within the white edging. The beard is a rich tangerine colour. Lightly fragrant, this one reblooms to give a longer season of flower than many in this group. It also has a great constitution, holding up well to the weather and clumping up nicely too. Tall bearded.

Iris 'Plum Wine'
Truly "plum-coloured" (and that's a deep red-violet purple sort of plum!) with a dark red-violet beard. I think it has a delicious fragrance and it repleat flwoers for a pleasingly long season. Classified as a Standard bearded, so small enough to tuck into the front of a bed yet big enough to stand up for itself. One of my favourites.

Iris 'Provençal'
The plicata group of irises have petals that are rimmed, dotted or stitched in colour, usually on a white or yellow background. This is a gorgeous example, with garnet red standards. The falls are also edged in garnet over a yellow background. Tall bearded.

Iris 'Pumping Iron'
Deepest velvety purple with startling blue-purple beards. This little chap really stood out for me the first time I saw it. Dwarf bearded.

Iris 'Red Zinger'
Red-wine, darker on falls. Considering that this one is classified as an Intermediate bearded, it is of excellent stature, with huge flowers. A real beauty.

Iris 'Royal Crusader'
A wonderful two-tone blue - sky-blue standards over dark blue falls, with silky toning beards. Tall bearded.

Iris 'Sea Monster'
This is completely different! White standards have a bluish tinge. Olive green falls pale towards the edges. Dwarf bearded.

Iris 'Top Gun'
Creamy pink standards. Cool rose-pink falls with deep orange beards. Tall bearded.

Iris 'Yes'
This Australian cultivar is in the amoena group. Pure white standards, honey-yellow falls and vivid bright tangerine beards. It also benefits from a particularly good constitution producing good growth with strong stalks. Tall bearded.

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