How to obtain a paper catalogue.

There is no information in the paper catalogue which is not on this website. Indeed, this site is (or certainly should be as I know it's not at the moment!) more up to date as I can mark plants as sold out as appropriate. There are, increasingly, also pictures here, which are not in the paper version. However, from our own experience I know how convenient it is to have a hard copy to study in a more conducive environment than the computer screen.

Additionally, things have changed over the last few years. As our plant range steadily increases, with our various "collections" becoming more and more exhaustive, available in an increasing range of sizes, so the descriptive catalogue was becoming increasingly thick and disproportionably expensive to produce and post. I had started to leave out items available only in small quantities which was somewhat counter-productive! Hence I am not currently producing a written catalogue. 

I can however email you a list of plants that I hope and expect to have available over the course of the coming season. Bear in mind that not everything may be available at any one time. My intention is that it is used in conjunction with the descriptions on the website, though I have allowed lots of space within it for your own personal notes.

You can also download it here as a pdf file, which should print off onto A4 paper regardless of what software etc you are running.