My Book  

Gardening with Woodland Plants
by Karan Junker

"A comprehensive guide to over 2000 woodland plants"

Unfortunately this has now gone out of print. 
Frustratingly, the publisher didn't think to let me know and I wasn't able to "stock up". 
As a result, I'm sorry to say that I have none available.

I was honoured to be commissioned by Timber Press to write for them about woodland plants. 

The concept of Gardening with Woodland Plants is so exciting; I look at a number of ways of enhancing natural woodland as well as creating woodland areas in the garden, to whatever scale is appropriate. Early sections deal with the concepts and opportunities, as well as the practical aspects of preparation and maintenance. Then well over half the book is devoted to an eclectic compendium of plants suitable for Woodland cultivation; from the tiniest Woodland Floor bulbs and perennials up to trees with which to supplement the upper canopy. Some 350 colour photos illustrate it.

It has been a huge amount of fun to write and I hope that it gives as much pleasure to those who read it. My dream is to inspire people, dedicated gardeners and uncertain novices alike, to really make the most of their Woodland, or to create their very own. I want you to see the group of trees at the bottom of the garden as an opportunity rather than a problem. Even the tiniest garden can embrace the Woodland ethos with sympathetic underplanting of existing features, whether they be shrubs, individual trees or hedges. Indeed, you may have noticed our growing excitement at these possibilities reflected on the nursery already, with the addition to our range of a number of Spring flowering Anemone and an increasing range of Cyclamen.

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