EUONYMUS continued
last updated 25/10/2014

EUONYMUS hamiltonianus 'Pink Delight'
Beautiful autumn colour and masses of bright pink seed capsules.

EUONYMUS hamiltonianus 'Poort Bulten'

EUONYMUS hamiltonianus 'Popcorn'
A spectacular large shrub selected in Japan. The fruit capsules are white which contrast dramatically with the orange seeds hanging within.

EUONYMUS hamiltonianus 'Rainbow'
This distinctive Japanese selection is really lovely with its broad gold margin to the leaves. Despite this, it seems extremely tough (as indeed one would expect from a deciduous Euonymus!) and tolerant even of full sun. Our plant is still young and frequently trimmed for propagation material, so has not had a chance yet to mature and produce fruit. The variegated portions of the leaf are reflected in the autumn colour.

EUONYMUS hamiltonianus 'Red Chief'
Another variation on the theme; this one is a little more vigorous, but still prolific in its fruiting.

EUONYMUS hamiltonianus 'Red Elf'
Similar in principle to the others in the group, but smaller growing. Red autumn colour whilst the typical seed pods are pale pink opening to show orange seeds.

EUONYMUS hamiltonianus 'Rising Sun'
For me, the best of the species; the red fruits are so densely packed. I find the contrast with the green foliage to be most effective, more than compensating for any deficiency in their autumn colour. Last autumn, this one stood out above all others.

EUONYMUS hamiltonianus 'Snow'
Beautiful selection from Japan with white margined leaves. Shady site required.

EUONYMUS hamiltonianus 'Winter Glory'
Selected for reliable, excellent autumn colour and seed production.

EUONYMUS latifolius 
Large growing to 3-4.5m. Large scarlet fruits and brilliant scarlet autumn colour are some of the best of all shrubs grown for their beauty at that time of year.

EUONYMUS macropterus 
Larger leaves than our other offerings in this genus. The fruits ripen very early, in great quantities, in July-August, thus extending the season. Typical with four winged capsules, each wing is remarkably long.

EUONYMUS morrisonensis

EUONYMUS myrianthus 
I have high hopes for this one. It is evergreen so will give useful protection. However, it is closer in its characteristics to its deciduous cousins than its often variegated evergreen relations. The greenish yellow flowers occur in dense heads of up to 7 cm across in spring before giving way to orange-scarlet seeds nestled in orange-yellow fruits.

This is a cute little plant! Occurring naturally from eastern Europe, through the Caucasus and into Western China it becomes a semi-evergreen almost prostrate small shrub. The very narrow leaves are rather long and a rich deep green. The violet-purple flowers are actually quite showy (although not terribly large!) held on filamentous stalks. These are followed in august by small pink fruits. Difficult to do justice to with a mere description, I originally rejected it as not worth having. However, when I saw it, I liked it so much, we had to grow it! 

EUONYMUS oxyphyllus 
A slow growing form to 3-4m with rich red and purple-red autumn colour. Equally rich carmine-red capsules.

EUONYMUS oxyphyllus 'Waasland'
Named after the Belgian Arboretum of the same name where it was recently selected this selection is even better fruiting than the species. The marble sized fruit ripen early, at the end of September, before the autumn colour which makes them more visual. The fruit last for a month, to be followed by shining yellow autumn colour. Upright habit. 

EUONYMUS phellomanus 'Silver Surprise'
This Dutch selection is unique with dramatic white margined foliage and almost pink stems, particularly when young. Inevitably the variegation keeps the size down and beware of scorch in too sunnier a site. Otherwise easy to grow. Superb autumn colour as one would expect.

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