U.K. Mainland

Offshore Islands


UK Mainland
We are Mail Order Specialists, so delivery is not a problem. We use a number of different delivery methods dependant on the size and nature of the order. The plant quantity and size usually determines the method, but I would need to know the delivery postcode please in order to confirm the delivery cost.

24 hour carrier
We have used a 24 hour carrier for many years. The plants leaves us one day and arrive with you the next. Yes, accidents can happen, but this system is fairly reliable. However, you do need to be aware that no carrier will insure plants these days. They consider them to be "perishable " items - and even if delay or damage is caused by their incompetence, there is no comeback from the carrier. Choosing this method of carriage implies acceptance of this risk and we will not be responsible for any damage that occurs in transit. We have chosen our carriers with great care and have worked with them for many years and found them to be reliable. Nevertheless, accidents can and do happen from time to time. However, it remains the most competitive method of transport for smaller orders.

Unfortunately due to ever increasing costs as the carriers streamline their system and increasingly dislike the larger packages that our plants often constitute, we have had to change our pricing structure again this year. It has become even more complicated so it is best therefore if you check with me first. 

Pallet Delivery
The open ground plants are all too heavy for the normal carrier networks, so the best way of getting these to you would be on a pallet. 
This is a brilliant system whereby the plants are fixed to the pallet at all times and are not man-handled. The other beauty of it is that you pay per pallet, regardless of how much is stacked on it! The cost is determined by your postcode area and the standard service typically takes two days. There are other next day / morning / timed services available at additional cost.

Try combining orders with family or neighbours to make delivery costs most efficient. We have tried using the post, but even our youngest plants in pots are usually too large and heavy for this to be a cost effective option. Hence for small orders, we have found the 24 hour carrier service to be more reliable whilst the pallet delivery is an excellent solution for larger plants, a greater quantity of pots, or awkward shaped plants that are more vulnerable.

Nevertheless as we continue to offer increasingly mature plants, they may be too large even for delivery on a pallet. In these cases we have other transport solutions. 

It is important please for you to mention at the time of discussing delivery options, any access restrictions that might be relevant. We will not be responsible for any inconvenience, delays or damage caused by unsuitable access.

Please also understand that all delivery methods are technically to the kerbside of your property. No matter which delivery method is chosen, the driver is not obliged to leave goods in specific places, nor to position them in your garden under your direction. Sometimes a driver may be prepared to offer you some assistance, but this should not be assumed. If this is required, then it should be discussed with me prior to finalising the order details. Be aware that any assistance given on your property is done so as a gesture of goodwill. Neither the driver, the delivery company, nor us the supplier, will bear any responsibility for any accident or damage that occurs as a result of assistance rendered. 

Collection is of course no problem and is more than welcome. Indeed hiring a van can be a very cost effective solution because it avoids all the costs associated with the recent regulations restricting commercial delivery. However, please remember that it is essential that we know you are coming. It is always best to email me with your order in advance so that I can check and confirm availability size and price details. The plants can be ready for you. This in no way precludes you from spending as long as you wish in looking round, but does make the process quicker during busy times when availability of items needs to be checked and labels printed. Please be aware that during the winter planting season, the open ground stock is lifted to order. It is important to place your order far enough in advance of wanting to collect it that we can have it lifted and prepared for you. This takes time and care to do properly, and is weather dependant. 

Offshore Islands
Unfortunately, due to the associated costs of ferries, carriage to "offshore islands" is more expensive. These include the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scottish Islands, Channel Islands and Northern Ireland, as well as the so-called "Highlands" of Scotland. I know you are all part of the UK and I apologise. However, it is out of my control. The cost for each destination is different, so please ask. However, I can tell you that it is calculated by weight. It is expensive for only one or two plants, but subsequent additions add very little extra, so a large order is considerably cheaper per plant than a small one.

Most of Europe is now covered by my carriers, and can be amazingly cost effective. There are height restrictions on smaller consignments, so please check at the time of ordering. I can send larger plants, but they have to go "freight" which is only worth considering on a large order. Let me know what plants you are interested in and I will give you an idea of cost. No Ministry certification is currently needed, but there are a few plants that I am not allowed to send. The implementation of "Brexit" may change things in this respect.