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last updated 20/10/2014

If the unrivalled range of Cornus confuses you, then just drop me through an e-mail to 
detailing what you need the tree to achieve, and I will do my best to help you.

Don't forget that there are lots of lovely specimen plants to help get you going more quickly. 
With their dense root system, Cornus establish better from a larger plant.

CORNUS kousa 'Cherokee'
The dense form and compact habit make this one of the smaller growing kousas. It is extremely floriferous with wide, rippled bracts. A great introduction.

CORNUS kousa 'China Dawn'
A wonderful variegated selection with a broad, creamy white margin to the otherwise green leaves. I find that autumn colour is always more showy on the variegated forms as the different portions of the leaf turn colour at different rates. Much more tolerant of the environment than the frankly fussy 'Snowboy', I rate this one highly. However, do avoid a hot sunny site if you can.

CORNUS kousa var. chinensis 'China Girl'
Selected for prolific flowering with large creamy white bracts. The bracts actually start quite small, green and star like and enlarge and whiten as the central true flowers mature. Unlike many cultivars, once these flowers are over, the bracts turn brown and drop, rather than turning pink. Upright habit.

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