We are often asked which books give the best information on the various plants. I have listed here the books which I have consulted during the compilation of this catalogue and some which we find invaluable.

Bean, W.J.. 1976. Trees and Shrubs hardy in the British Isles. Volumes1 to 5 and Supplement. John Murray, London.

Brickell, C.D. and Matthew B.. 1981 Daphne, the genus in the wild and in cultivation. AGS Surrey.

Callaway, D.J.. 1994. Magnolias. Batsford, London.

Gardiner, Jim 2000. Magnolias - A Gardener's Guide Timber Press, Oregon USA

The Hillier Manuel of Trees and Shrubs. 1991.

Valder, Peter. 1995. Wisterias A Comprehensive Guide. Florilegium, Australia.

van Gelderen, D.M. et al. 1994. Maples of the World . Timber Press, Oregon USA

van Gelderen, C.J. and D. M. 1999. Maples for Gardens: A Color Encyclopaedia. Timber Press, Oregon USA

Vertrees, J.D.. 2001. Japanese Maples. Timber Press, Oregon.3rd edition

"Maples for Gardens" is an excellent pictorial guide with enough descriptive text to cover all but the most technical issues. The latest edition of "Vertrees" is the most comprehensive guide including the newest selections. Not so many photos though.

In addition to these, which sit well thumbed on my bookshelf are 2 more recent additions.  Don't worry, they are both written in English! (though I understand that the latter is in Japanese too)

le Hardy de Beaulieu, Antoine 2003. An Illustrated Guide to Maples. Timber Press, Oregon, USA (This has nothing at all on the many cultivars of Acer palmatum, but is fantastic for information on the other species.)

Yano, Masayoshi 2003 Book for Maples. Japan Maple Publishing Group (Lots of mouth watering photos of gorgeous Maples which seem to be completely unobtainable outside of Japan. Potentially very expensive, but in the meanwhile, just rather frustrating!!)
The USA and European importer is Maillot Bonsai 

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