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Anyone who searched diligently for conkers as a child will be familiar with the classic horse chestnut, which makes a big tree. However, there are smaller growers which have ornamental flowers in early summer (held in large upright panicles) as well as those typical spiky seed pods. Many have good autumn colour too. The Ohio Buckeye is native of south east United States and forms a small to medium sized tree. The flowers are yellow-green.

AESCULUS indica 'Sydney Pearce'
Changing continent, A. indica comes from the Himalayas, but this rather gorgeous cultivar was selected at RBG Kew back in 1928. The flowers are wonderful - essentially pink, but with flushes of yellow and white. Very nice.

AESCULUS x neglecta 'Erythroblastos'
(A. flava x A. sylvatica) A slow growing, medium sized tree which bears pale yellow flowers, but its main attraction is the brilliant shrimp-pink young growth as it emerges in the spring. It then turns to a more muted pale yellow-green, but that initial display is quite spectacular.

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