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ACER palmatum 'Red Baron'
It's funny how a plant can "speak to you" as my son puts it, but for no obviously apparent reason. And so it is for me with this one. Essentially a simple purple leaved palmatum, yet somehow this one stands apart. Its brilliant red autumn colour was truly awesome last year. Tidy, rather upright small tree.

ACER palmatum 'Red Blush'
Another Flora Wonder introduction from Talon Buchholz's Nursery in Oregon. The leaves are fundamentally a brick red colour, but they are uniquely highlighted by bright green veins. Brilliant oranges and red dominate the autumn colours. Not always easy to position, good light is required to really appreciate the distinctive foliage, but it does grow better in a more protected environment. Upright in habit, it will grow slowly, to little more than 2m.

ACER palmatum 'Red Cloud'
A member of the linearilobum group with narrow, thread-like lobes. Easiest described as more vigorous but less intensely purple than 'Enkan', yet having thinner lobes and holding its reddish-purple colour longer than 'Red Pygmy below.

ACER palmatum 'Red Emperor'

ACER palmatum 'Red Flash'
An Italian introduction this time. The bright red leaves give a wonderful splash of colour as they open in the spring. The colour is held for a surprisingly long time but it eventually matures to deep purple-red before turning vivid red again. Upright in habit and slow initially, but it has the potential to achieve some 3m in height by half as wide in 10 years.

ACER palmatum 'Red Pygmy' 
Of the linearilobum group, the dark purple spring colour (photo left) fades to brownish green in the summer before becoming yellow and red in autumn (as photo right). It holds its colour better than its predecessor, 'Atrolineare' (particularly in good light as we have discussed before). 2m

ACER palmatum 'Red Spider'
A delightful Canadian introduction from the linearilobum group. The leaf shape, size and colour is uniform - the strap like lobes are a strong red which is held well all summer before changing to a brilliant blood red in autumn. Although upright in habit, the horizontal branches can curve down at the tips to give a delightful feeling of grace. 3m.

ACER palmatum 'Red Wood' 
This cultivar is very similar to the well known 'Sangokaku' with wonderful coral-red coloured bark in winter. This selection is reputedly even better, holding the colour for much longer. These wonderful Maples are guaranteed to brighten any winter landscape.

ACER palmatum 'Rising Sun'
The fiery autumn colours drew my attention to this one. Although not a particularly new cultivar, it is not as widely known as it deserves to be. The leaves are slightly smaller than average, emerging surprisingly golden in spring before turning green. Autumn colours start an unremarkable deep purple, but progress through all the bonfire colours in the most spectacular manner, finishing a golden orange before dropping in exhaustion. Tidy, bushy headed small tree.

ACER palmatum 'Ruby Ridge'
Large leaves with pointed lobes give this one a very different appearance to most cultivars. The young growth is a bright reddish-purple, becoming darker as the summer progresses. Upright, compact habit.

ACER palmatum 'Ruby Star'
This is a little similar to 'Ruby Ridge' above in leaf shape and colouring (certainly in spring, though this one takes on more green tones in summer, particularly in shade) but the habit is totally different, being shorter and squatter. The contrast between the brightly coloured young growth and more subdued mature foliage continues all summer and is most effective. Slow to get going though.

ACER palmatum 'Ryűsen'
Coming soon...

ACER palmatum 'Ryűzu'
Another desirable dwarf to 1m. The small pale green leaves are overlain with tones of pink or red with serrated margins.

ACER palmatum 'Samidare' 
It means "Early Summer Rain", but don't hold its name against it! The leathery leaves are large at 10-12cm across. Upon unfolding, they are tinged pink but almost immediately turn a fresh green. Golden yellow autumn colour speckled crimson is quite distinctive. Sturdy grower to 5m high by as much wide. 4m

ACER  palmatum 'Samurai
See Acer palmatum 'Beni shigitatsu sawa'

ACER palmatum 'Sango kaku'
Also known as Acer palmatum 'Senkaki', this wonderful plant surely needs no introduction! The "Coral Bark Maple" is so called due to its brilliant coral red stems in winter. The young leaves are tinted and margined orange, becoming green, with striking orange and yellow autumn colour. An upright grower to 7m eventually, filling out to 6m wide. Beware of variable seedlings! We have selected this form for superior bark colour and vivid young growth. See also 
A. palmatum 'Eddisbury', A. palmatum 'Beni kawa', A. palmatum 'Red Wood' and A. palmatum 'Winter Flame'.

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