As many of you may know, our son (Torsten) has joined the family business, but unfortunately our daughter (Greta) has decided to follow her passions elsewhere and has chosen to follow the snow around the world. 

I will let her tell you a little more about her work. 


For the past four years I have been training and working as a ski instructor; not only gaining my basic qualifications but furthering my experience and knowledge. I will provide professional, personal instruction to every client, whether you are young or old, experienced or a first timer, able bodied and even those with physical or cognitive disorders. I specialise in teaching skiers with visual impairments and those with cognitive disorders, such as; Down’s syndrome and autism. I can create a safe and fun learning environment where, if you are willing, you can go beyond your expectations.

This season I will be in the USA. I will be available for lessons through out the season, if you are interested then please contact me by email (

I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams and enabling families to experience the joys of the mountains together.